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a game by Psygnosis
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Obitus is an entertaining first-person perspective fantasy game that mixes role-playing game elements with side-scrolling action. Like other RPGs, you meet characters, get dues, pickup items, and develop fighting strategy according to creature stats. Like an action game, you wage one- on-one battles and scroll through the land in real-time. There are even a few side-scrolling action sections. These game play modes work well together.

Family Ties

The story line is definitely familiar fare. Four Gems of Tranquility keep the peace in the land of Obitus. The four sons of Old King Cullen, under the sinister influence of a sorceress, have stolen the Gems, plunging Obitus into despair. You're there to retrieve the Gems and organize a Cullen family reunion.


  • Arrows appear plentiful at first, but they're worth their weight in gold later. Use them wisely from the very start.
  • Drakehurst's Knight in FalconWood talks a good fight, but Daggers are his downfall.
  • In Eldon Mine, save your Firebrands until you absolutely need them.
  • In Eldon Mine, if you look carefully you can see beasts in the dark.
  • Examine the bones of fallen adversaries very carefully.
  • Know if you can beat an adversary before you fight. Use the Ring of Genevieve.

Lost in a Fantasy

The search for the Gems is what makes this game go. You trek through a seemingly endless assortment of exotic locales, and you never know what mysteries await you around the next corner. The game moves along smartly. If you take a few wrong turns in this maze-like land, though, you'll be hopelessly lost. In fact, finding the correct path through the Obitus countryside is so tough that the manual includes maps and a partial walk-through for the first two Gems.

The real-time fighting action is a good adrenaline break in your travels. On its own, though, it's nothing special. You fight a battle of attrition, toe-to-whatever' against a weird assortment of beasts and brigands. You must be quick on the trigger finger and stocked with enough Daggers, Arrows, or Magic to get the job done. Obitus' controls are solid. The game doesn't require prodigious button-pressing, and the standard control and interface scheme are well-suited to the unambitious game play.

Ear, Eye and Obitus

The game's visuals are dark and nicely detailed, although the animation runs hot and cold. You move fluidly through the land, but your attackers are as stiff as Frankenstein. This doesn't dampen the game's overall appeal, but it doesn't set your mind on fire either. The sounds are repetitive, but there's some excellent stuff, such as the chirping birds in FalconWood. The music has an adventurous flair.

Searching for Fun

Obitus is a brain-teasing adventure game with just enough RPG personality to justify down-gearing the action. If you like to lose yourself in your games, check this one out.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Machine: SNES;
  • Manufacturer: Psygnosis; Scenario Developments

Discover the secrets of the Dark Tower.

Unleash the power of a legend.

A once peaceful land has gone stark raving mad.

The precious Gems of Tranquillity have fallen into evil hands. Now darkness and chaos rule the kingdom of Obitus. Your challenge is to find the four lost gems and return them to the Dark Tower, restoring light and harmony to the crippled kingdom.

Step into a world of dark mystery.

Awesome first person perspective view lets you experience this perilous adventure first hand. And 3-D action view screens will show you what's really going on! Make sure you know who your friends are - not everyone is who (or what!) they seem.

Chaos rules and survival is up to you.

In forests, castles, dungeons and catacombs, you'll find clues that will lead you to the gems while deranged creatures stand ready to put a gruesome end to your quest. The unequipped adventurer won't get far however. So, stay alert and search every nook and cranny for the items that will assist you in your quest.

Take the challenge.

Find the gems and you'll be a hero. Make one too many mistakes and well... nice to know you.

The kingdom of Obitus is depending on you. Is the adventurer inside you ready?

The Benefits Of Playing:

  1. Dozens of weapons and magical items.
  2. Battery backed to save your progress.
  3. Hoards of brutish beasts to battle!
  4. First-Person and 3-D action view stages.
  5. More than 12 adventurous areas, including forests, dungeons, castles and catacombs.
  • Theme: RPG

Deep within the four realms of Obitus reside the gems that can return you back to your own time frame. Each realm is a world within itself. And far below the sun's light are the accursed catacombs, where the most foul beasts dwell. Obitus is a long and gripping role-playing game. As you search for the four gems that can return you home, you will meet up with dozens of characters. Some will give you help, and others death. In a world plagued by evil, you must be careful. The majority of the game is played out through a first-person perspective, and an easy to learn interface gives you a large selection of magic and weapons to use. To survive Obitus, you must be wary, lets you stay there forever...

  • # of players: 1-player
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: January 1993
  • Theme: RPG
  • Number of Levels: 12+

Old King Cullen was thought to be a wise man until it was discovered that nearly 19 years ago an evil witch named Salore kidnapped the good Queen Genevieve and took her place. Salore bore the king four sons, and taught them dark secrets. While on his death bed, King Cullen saw that his sons were evil and swore not to let them rule. He hid the sacred Throne of Kings in the tower and gave each one of his sons one of the keystones. He knew that they would fight to gain all four. Your master tells you it is time for you to fulfill your destiny by defeating all four men.

There are four different realms including forests, caverns and castles that are teeming with good guys and bad guys. All you have to start with is the ring of Genevieve to guide you. Good luck!

If you're an RPG fan, then this title will appeal to you otherwise beware! Obitus is a very slow-moving RPG that will appeal more to patient gamers. The graphics are good, but the bottom line is you must like RPGs.

This fantasy action/adventure game will be flaunting its first-person point of view in Chicago this summer. Obitus will transport you to a mysterious medieval land, where you'll search 12 stages spanning four realms. Throughout this eight-meg adventure, you'll collect more than 70 items and meet up with dozens of characters- some with helpful advice, others with a good fight. On the PC and the Amiga Obitus was lauded for its graphics and game play.

Obitus is essentially a computer role-playing game (with some arcade-style action as well), which combines several graphics styles and perspectives. This game developed by Psygnosis and released in early 1991 for Amiga, Atari ST and DOS systems, and later also ported for the Super NES, by Bullet-Proof Software.

The player takes on the role of medieval history lecturer Wil Mason. He seeks refuge in a deserted tower, only to wake up in a strange world. And his car breaks down while he drives through Snowdonia in a storm.

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