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Carrier: The Next Mutation

You might assume from the title that this is a true sequel to Jaleco's Dreamcast survival horror rip-off Carrier, but you'd be wrong.

Knife Edge: Nose Gunner

Command to Nose Gunner, Command to Nose Gunner. Radar's readin' an army of armored androids that are harshin' our Martian colonies. We're lookin' at boo-coo ground emplacements. Sulfur skies swarming with enemy gunships. F-f-f-four explosive gamepl..
Nintendo 64

Machine Head

It is the future. Nanotechnology is the buzz. As with most new forms of technology, there are risks involved.


Other wise known as Bio-Hazzard in Europe, It's side scrolling shooter with slightly better graphics.
Sega Genesis