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a game by Visual Concepts
Genres: Action, Shooting Games
Platform: Playstation (1997)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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In One, a relentless shooter for the PlayStation, it's you against a treacherous future world populated by machines of mass destruction and endless waves of heavily armed troops. Whether you're dodging enemy fire, running across rooftops, or finessing your way through a perilous maze, the impressive graphics and sound effects help create a believable, movie-like 3D environment. Action fans will immediately lock onto the innovative Rage meter that replaces the standard life bar. As you inflict more damage on your enemies, your Rage meter will rise, causing your strength and firepower to increase until you're able to obliterate everything onscreen.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Rage. Some people can't help but feel a little bad about the hate inside them. Others don't mind that feeling of anger at all. John Cain, the main character from ASC's upcoming PlayStation title, is one of those people. In fact, it helps him.

ASC Games' One puts John Cain up against a world he is unfamiliar with. Besides waking up with a metal gun where his arm used to be. he has no memory of where he came from or why he has the powers he has. All he I knows is rage-so he runs with it.

One doesn't really have standard power-tips like most other games. Instead of gaining health and shield power-ups. One lets players gain abilities by feeding their Rage. In fact, the only power-ups gamers will find are some weapons like a plasma cannon, flamethrower and missile launcher-look for about eight total.

Players start with a standard pea-shooter (kind of like Mega Man) which will always be there no matter what weapon is picked up. After picking up a weapon, though, plovers will have access to two forms of destruction.

The Rage meter will help gamers increase their health bar and become more effective in attacks. Players can perform standard punches and kicks when the game first starts, but after the Rage is built up. they'll be able to give enemies a flurry of attacks.

Look for huge Bosses in One. Some are as big as the entire screen-much bigger than your character anyway. The other enemies in the game range from human-size troops to mechs with gigantic cannons mounted on them.

Although there is a large amount of action in the game, it still has some strategy. In order to continue to new levels and possibly get to areas once inaccessible, players must constantly feed their Rage. By adding to their Rage meter, by way of killing enemies, players will be able to jump higher or do more damage when attacking larger Bosses.

One is definitely fast-paced-it seems to just get faster as each level passes. The fact that the standard type of transportation is running-players have to hold down a button for a "Walk" Mode-shows just how fast the game is.

Like action games from a while back. One features an alternating Two-player Mode. So when the action gets old from a one-player point of view, try to outdo your friends or at least make fun of them as they fall off of a cliff.-in the game that is.

The game will take players all over the place. From incredible mountain passes with falling ledges and toppling rock pillars to underground monorail systems, One promises to be a huge game.

While John Cain makes his way through dozens upon dozens of sections in One, look for him to do all kinds of crazy moves similar to that Lara Croft chick, include flips, rolls and shimmying on the tops of skyscrapers. With all of these levels and moves, John Cain is hardly a rat in a cage.


One features five main levels, but those five levels are broken up into a huge number of sections. Although ASC has yet to give a rough idea of square footage, the mountain level, for example, is probably 100 square miles--and that's just one level!

Granted players don't necessarily control John Cain on every inch or every level, but the point is the levels are huge. With these levels people may think there's going to be some serious load time to deal with. Wrong. ASC is using a technology coined "asynchronous loading" to allow the levels to be loaded one section at a time, as the game's being played. By loading while gamers are playing, there won't be a single second of annoying load time while going through the levels.

  • MANUFACTURER - Visual Concepts
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

The game with the strange title features three-quarter perspective views of your character and his surroundings. ONE contains five in-depth levels of deadly hunters, attack craft, armored vehicles and mechanized beasts of war. And to take on these nasties, there are plasma cannons, flame throwers and missile launchers. As a last protective barrier against the incoming attacks, your character can complete evasive rolls and acrobatic flips as well as hanging, climbing and sliding moves. Even physical attacks are possible in ONE.

Although ONE is a one-player title, two players can battle in the built-in Alternating Mode in one of the three different levels of difficulty.

  • THEME - Action
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

Apocalypse, Tomb Raider 2, and Pitfall 3D are going to have some competition in the 30 action/adventure genre: One is poised to thrill gamers with intelligent gameplay and fast, arcade-style run 'n' gun action.

One Over

One certainly has a chance to be the next big action game. We've seen enough in this 10% complete version to convince us that it will definitely be able to compete with bigger titles like Apocalypse and Pitfall 3D. But what's the sequel going to be called? One 2?

Armed and Ready

One tells the story of John Cain, an ordinary citizen who wakes to find that the flesh and bone of his left arm are now a metallic weapon--and boy is he pissed off! The anger he feels is actually part of the game: When your Rage meter is at full strength, you do more damage to your opponents and certain shooting and fighting skills are sharpened.

If Looks Could Thrill

Vivid alien backgrounds (like the desert and city scenes), which are filled with numerous side trips to take, populate the game. But don't gaze for too long--the enemies are fierce! There are also numerous bosses to fight, and they aren't patterned patsies: Each has a weakness that you must exploit by utilizing non-traditional attacks, like aggravating a gunship enough that it blows open the next stage entrance for you.

One finally blasts its way onto the PlayStation with some of the most intense action and shooting this side of MDK. One's thumb-blistering action, eye-grabbing visuals, and unique gameplay make it a top action/adventure offering.


One takes place in a militaristic 2037. You play as John Cain, an ordinary man who awakens to discover someone's swapped his left arm for a mechanical laser cannon. Not only that, but a small army's bent on his demise. Time to get mad, get even, and blow up things.

One's vitality system supports the game's theme of revenge. Instead of a health bar, One uses a Rage Meter. Your firepower and health increase with each enemy you shoot and item you destroy. When the meter reaches its peak, you can fire a screen-clearing smart bomb.

One has 3D run-n-gun action in gigantic stages, and the respon sive controls keep the action in...well, control. You'll blow through subway systems, blast across rooftops, slide down high-tension wires, and hop from vertigo-inducing cliffs--just to name a few locales. The game drops you immediately into the action, but well-placed cut scenes provide a much-needed breather between stages. The fast-paced action forces you to rely mostly on quick reflexes in order to survive the onslaught of soldiers, gunships, and more. Moving and shooting are easy to master, but some jumps are prob lematic. Missing certain jumps repeatedly (often at the cost of a life) can be incredibly frustrating.

One-Qerful Graphics

One s graphics steal the show--especially the firefights and explosions. Class shatters, buildings crumble, missile-firing ships zip by, and bosses take up almost the entire screen. However, small details shine, too: When you torch an enemy with the flamethrower, for example, they'll flail their limbs until only ashes remain.

The stage architecture is also a highlight. In the Metropolis stage, for instance, you blast your way across rain-soaked rooftops that look like they're right out of Blade Runner, complete with aerial traffic lights and spouting towers of flame. Need a bridge? Just shoot a giant billboard and watch it topple!

The only graphical glitches are sheer visual overload and a trou blesome camera view. At times too much destruction fills the screen, which then causes the action to bog down and breakup to set in. This also makes it difficult to see where you are exactly. The cam era view is even more problematic: Sometimes it's difficult to see the path ahead of you, especially when you're making precision jumps. Successfully navigating a series of platforms is more trial and-error than a test of skill. An adjustable camera angle would have definitely helped here.

Music To Match

Almost on par with the visuals is the game's excellent music. Intense tunes drive the action with everything from thundering bass to suspenseful drum beats. The sound effects, though, are a mixed lot. The best effects are the eerie radio conversations of pursuing enemies and the various sounds of destruction. On the flip side, the characters' weak grunts and groans detract from the game's overall effect.

Cain To Fame

Control and other minor tweaks aside, One packs a big punch and will keep you riveted for quite some time. Get lost, Lara Croft; slide over, Sub-Zero--One's the new action king.


  • In Stage 4, stay off the monorail tracks whenever possible; you never know when a train will pass through.
  • Always run away from incoming jets--they'll usually fire a missile at you as they pass overhead.
  • In the first stage, don't bother shooting the chopper. Instead, run to the cave at the end of the catwalk for safety.
  • When in close to an enemy, forget about using the laser. Swipe them with your metal arm instead.
  • Instead of charging ahead into a long, unknown stretch, stand still and fire a few shots ahead of you first. You may take out enemies and their structures in the distance.
  • When your Rage Meter is maxed out, use your smart bomb as soon as possible--it's available only for a limited time.


One's jaw-dropping graphics are some of the most stunning seen on the PlayStation so far. An inadequate camera view, occasional visual overload, and breakup are the only drawbacks.


The intense themes perfectly set the pace for each stage. However, some of the sound effects don't measure up--especially the wimpy grunts and groans.


Moving and shooting are easy for the most part, but problematic jumping can make the game frustrating. A practice mode to perfect Cain's skills would have helped.

Fun Factor

One pulls out all the stops and conies out a bona fide winner. Don't be fooled by other big-budget action titles--One's the real thing. For really intense action, there's only One game in town.

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