Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

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a game by Aesir Interactive
Platform: PC
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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

It is important to note that when we are talking about Police Simulator: Patrol Officers today, we are actually talking about the early access version and many details are going to be added as the game moves along development. Still, I have gotten majorly into that TV show, the rookie lately so any game that had you playing as a cop was going to grab my attention.

Welcome To Brighton

The game is set in a place in the USA called Brighton. This is kind of weird to me as I am from the UK and we already have a place called that. Anyway, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers as you have guessed has you playing the life of a police officer who is trying to work his way up the ladder with the Brighton PD.

The “story” in the game looks kind of neat as the way it works is that some cases will lead to bigger things and this as far as I can tell is going to be where the majority of the game's storytelling comes from.

Walking The Beat

By the end of development, Brighton is going to be a large city. As of now, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers gives you one district and a bunch of neighborhoods for you to patrol in. You will need to go around the area, giving out parking tickets, talking to people, chasing down bad guys, and so on. You are just living the life of a cop trying to help his city one crime at a time.

Where Did You Learn To Drive?

One of the big things that they have been showing off about Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is the dynamic traffic system. Each time you play the game the way the traffic flows is going to be random. This means that there can be random accidents and speeding and stuff like that as well. It always keeps you on your toes and when you are driving around on patrol do not be surprised if you get a call saying there has been some kind of traffic accident or violation. This is a pretty big part of the game and it is actually implemented in the early access version so that is cool.

Paying Attention To The Streets

One of the aspects of the game that I have found interesting is the way you deal with people. You need to pay attention to what they say, how they act, and what they do as you can learn vital clues that can help you. This aspect of the game does remind me of LA Noir a little bit. Also, that part of the game is tied to the simulation portion where things are done in a stricter way. There is also a sandbox mode for those of you who just want to screw around and do what they want.

The Bright Lights Of Brighton

So far, the game is decent enough looking. Things like people, cars, buildings, and so on are detailed enough and the different neighborhoods do have a fair bit of variety to them.

As of me writing this, just one district is available so you will be patrolling the same area over and over again, but when more areas are added this should increase the diversity and variety of things you experience in the game.


Think of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers as kind of being like Grand Theft Auto in reverse. Instead of causing mayhem and crimes, you are the one who is stopping it. I have always thought that being a police officer would be cool and thanks to this game, I can live out that fantasy.


  • I love the whole idea of the game
  • Even in this early stage, it has a high level of polish
  • Stopping various crimes around the city is fun
  • I like how you work your way up as a cop


  • So far, the game only has one district to work in
  • The game is very straight-laced which some people may find boring

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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