Power Stone

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: Dreamcast
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 3 votes
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Power Stone
Power Stone
Power Stone
Power Stone

Power Stone, Capcom's latest 3D fighting game, isn't the same as the company's previous fighters. Instead of catering to the skill and precision of veteran gamers, Power Stone targets novices: For example, the controls are basic and masher-friendly. Stone also features fully 3D multi-tiered arenas loaded with interactive elements like furniture to throw and weapons to use. Whats all the fighting about? Three magic stones are scattered throughout each fighting stage: If a player collects all three stones, they're briefly possessed with super powers and can easily decimate their opponent in seconds. However, if they're carrying less than three stones, a well-timed blow can make them drop what they have. After playing through the Japanese version, we can safely say that Power Stone may not take a ton of skill, but it's a lot of fun.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Capcom's milked its Street Fighter play engine with every face-lift you can imagine. Power Stone, however, takes furious fisticuffs in a new direction with an innovative play engine, a quick learning curve, and intense addictive action.


Power Stone uses a primitive scheme that works well with the Dreamcast controller--punch, kick, jump, and grab (you can't block)--and the battles take place in fully interactive, multi-tiered 3D fighting stages (similar to Ehrgeiz's). Stones controls are right on the money for the most part, although the analog pad can sometimes play fast and loose with your fighter, producing unintended results. The eight characters don't have the special moves arsenal that you'd find in a SF game, however, and the easy-to-perform, tap-the-same-button-rapidly combos are limited to three or four hits at the most. The emphasis here is on fast hit-and-run tactics rather than on technique.

The diverse fighting stages play a key role in the game. You can pick up and throw furniture, tear down pillars, shimmy up poles, climb to the roof, and more. You can even use weapons like guns and swords--in essence. Power Stone is a playable barroom brawl.

A key element in the game is the Power Stones themselves: three gems placed in various places within each stage. If you collect all three of these stones, you're given temporary super powers that simultaneously make you invincible and allow you to pummel your opponent mercilessly (and at times, unfairly). But if you're carrying fewer than three stones, they can be knocked from your clutches by a well-timed hit.


For a first-generation Dreamcast game, Power Stone's graphics are the best of any console system to date, featuring ultra-smooth character polygons and flashy effects. But some sour elements creep in, most notably slowdown and an occasional goofy camera angle. Audiowise, the music and sound are topnotch, except for the annoying announcer.


If you're tired of getting creamed at Street Fighter, Power Stone is an entertaining alternative. What the game lacks in technique and depth, it more than makes up for with fun, exciting game-play. Keep an eye open for Power Stone on September 9--it's scheduled for release with the Dreamcast launch.


  • Some Items (like large pots) can temporarily subdue your opponent You can also catch an object that's thrown at you by tapping Throw just before it hits.
  • To climb to the roof of a stage, tap Jump, then simultaneously hold Up and Attack to grab the ceiling. Scale to the edge of the ceiling and you'll automatically jump to the roof.
  • If your opponent has all three Stones and is powered-up, get in close and perform a throw.
  • Knock a Power Stone from your opponent with an air attack: Tap Jump, then simultaneously tap Down and Attack while in the air.
  • To defeat Valgas's second incarnation, get all three Power Stones and throw boxes at him. When you run out of boxes, grab the sword or pipe and start swinging.


Wow! Power Stone's visuals are smooth and clean, courtesy of the Dreamcasts awesome polygon-crunching power. Nevertheless, a few sore spots are apparent, such as that age-old bugaboo, slowdown, and some awkward camera angles.


There's an effective plethora of smacks, grunts, and yelps--In short, the usual fighting game sounds--while the music is subtle and goes well with the various fighting stages. The only drawback is the announcer, who repeats the same two phrases throughout the game.


Moving your characters around the multitiered stages is a snap, especially with the analog controller. The controls are a bit loose, however, and precision movement can sometimes be problematic.

Fun Factor

Power Stone is a fighting game everyone can pick up and take to instantly. This Stone may not be the most complicated fighting game available, but for pure fun, it delivers. The Dreamcast has arrived--and so far, so good!

Surprise! Capcom's first fighting game for the U.S. launch of the Dreamcast isn't a Street Fighter title! Instead, the fighting-game giant will release the high-energy brawler. Power Stone (already out in Japan). Stone features 3D fighting in fully interactive environments: You can throw objects, use weapons, and even climb rafters to the ceiling. But the game's most important aspect consists of the three power stones that are scattered through the various stages. The fighter who collects all three gets super abilities for a limited time. It may sound simple, but once you start playing Power Stone, you'll be hooked.

People say:


It may take some time (or a bit of hypnosis), but if you can convince yourself that Capcom can create a non-hardcore fighting game, then you'll probably have fun with Power Stone. Try not to put this in the same league as a Street Fighter. Instead, look at Power Stone as a simpler, more action-oriented arcade game (like say, Sega's Virtual On). If that's not your cup of tea, and you want blocking, strategy and fireball joystick motions in your fighting games, then look to Marvel vs. Capcom or SFA 3 instead. But if you want something you can quickly jump into and not have to worry about memorizing combos or knowing too many moves, then give this game a go. The frantic action, speedy animation and colorful graphics all make for a good time. The interactive backgrounds add a lot as well--roll over tables, break windows, pick up lamp posts...all in the safe confines of a video game environment. Power Stone, like Midway's Ready 2 Rumble, is a great game to show off to the more casual gamers in your group of friends--it's simple, straightforward and awfully pretty. Things can get annoying, however, when players start to learn how effective jumping around is (to set up or avoid attacks). Watch two Power Stone veterans play, and you'll see nothing but a lot of leaping around, like two fleas in heat.


I have mixed feelings about Power Stone. I think it's important that Capcom expand their horizons and experiment with new formulas. The problem with Power Stone is that it's simply not a fun game to play. Generally, I like arena-based run and gun-type action but Power Stone feels imprecise. Much of the sloppiness comes from the feeling of being overpowered by the guy with all the power stones. Or maybe it's because Shoe plays so damn cheap.


It's tough to ignore how much better than everything else Soul Calibur is, but in the absence of Namco's uber-game, Power Stone is actually pretty cool. The completely different nature of the environments takes some getting used to but once you're "tuned in" it's a rewarding game. Often, there's so much going on, and it's happening so fast that you end up relying on The Force or something to make sure you land your attacks.


Capcom branches out into an arena-based fighting game with Power Stone. It's a lot easier to pick up and get into immediately than any of the Street Fighter games, and it's fun just to see what kinds of moves you can pull off interacting with each stage's environments. Graphics have a bright, anime-style flair to them, while moving at a fast pace. Don't put it in the same league as Soul Calibur, but this is yet another solid fighter on Dreamcast.

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