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You're Drake Edgewater, a 21st-century cabbie who's trying to, get out of the quarantined city of Kemo in a '52 Checker hover-cab that's armed with headlight machine guns. You view the one-player action from a first-person perspective, and the 3D graphics portray an eerie, derelict city through your windshield. As you careen through the high-tech city streets, you have to watch out for mines, rockets, and zombielike sickos. Of course, if you need cash for repairs or new weapons, you're gonna have to risk picking up a few fares...

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

GameTek's now making games for the 3DO! The game is called Quarantine. It is a first-person shooting game about a man named Drake Edgewater. He's a 21st century cab driver in the city known as KEMO. It's been quarantined for a number of health hazards. To make your living, you must accept passengers and take them to their destinations without getting yourself blown away by the roving gangs. Earn money and collect weapons in order to survive.

Quarantine is a cool game with lots of heavy-duty firepower.

People say:


While I do love the tongue-in-cheek humor that Quarantine dwells in. the game play needs a little work. The driving controls are tough to get used to. and the constant bombardment from the other vehicles is enough to drive you crazy. However, the warped vision of Quarantine comes through. The classy music combined with the graphic violence will tickle your funny bone. The people you meet are equally bizarre. Quarantine is a game that grows on you. I liked it.


I've heard the hype on this one, and truly loved the box art, but after powering it up, I wasn't excited or disappointed. The driving controls were seriously sluggish. If you can force the anger away, you might have fun running into people and blasting the other cars. But after that, there's really nothing left to do. If you relish the thought of bloody, mindlessly violent games, Quarantine may be for you. Give it a shot, but don't expect an exceptional game.


I'm not too crazy about having to drive a hover-taxi armed with weapons that only a tank can be equipped with. Too warped for me. The game is put together rather strangely. The main playing graphics are bad. especially when you get close to the other vehicles and pedestrians. Speaking of which, hitting them isn't done well, as the windshield looks as if ketchup were splattered on it. To top it off the control needs work. Could have been better if it were simplified.


I don't generally like driving games because they get boring fast. But this one does have a weird sense of humor and some funny things going on. The driving is sort of tough to get used to. and the graphics are nothing exceptional. However, the soundtrack is really cool but is almost overpowering. The best part of this game is its warped sense of humor with strange characters and situations, especially the nice degree of visible violence. This may be a cult hit.

The life of a taxi driver is pretty tough in today's world - but it's nothing compared to the dangerous life of a hovercab driver in the quarantined city of Kemo in 2048. As former family man Drake Edgewater, you're one of the few sane people surviving in a prison city overrun with psychotics. In Quarantine, an ultraviolent new game bound to gain cult status, your chance for escape from this crumbling metropolis rides on your skills as a tough cab-driving road warrior.

The Name's Drake-Not Snake

In this combination of driving and shooting action, your hovercab is your ticket out of Kemo. You cruise the streets, earning cash by transporting passengers and running missions for the resistance force. (The resistance force wants to end the rule of Omnicorp, which is responsible for the quarantine.) Completion of all assignments, such as package deliveries, bomb jobs, and even mob hits, within the time limit earns you the password to the next city district and eventually to freedom.

Your hovercab is nothing short of roving death, thanks to its impressive array of weapons. You begin with hood-mounted guns, and as you earn money, you can visit the local "Weapon King" to purchase everything from cannons to missiles to circular saws.

Purchasing an Uzi is necessary for those drive-bys where you need to shoot out of your side windows. As the enemies get tougher, you must upgrade your weapons to survive, and you'll need to hit the repair shop often.

You have a great weapon inside the cab, too: If you don't want your passenger anymore, the ejection seat drops them off a little short of their destination. And when all else fails, remember your cab itself is a weapon, and you can run over anyone in your path.

Remains Of The Prey

Beginning with an introductory full-motion rock video, great graphics fill this game. You get four views from your cab (front, back, and both sides), so you always know who's around you. And there's no need to fret over any blood code - this game delivers blood up front and by the truckload. For example, when you run down pedestrians, their remains leave stains. Each level offers new vehicles to battle, and the multiple weapons and explosions add to the cool visuals.

The gothic backgrounds in these Doom-like levels scroll sweetly. Each district has its own distinctive yet macabre detail. The projects, for example are lined with burning buildings, and the trees in the park are decorated with corpses.

Grunge, Sweet Grunge

Finally! A game with music you'll really enjoy! There's nothing like listening to good tunes when you drive, and Quarantine has tons of music tracks (and even lets you select the tracks) from rock bands signed to major labels.

Good sound and voice effects complement the music. The explosions, the whistle of a launching missile, and a customer shouting for a taxi all make the overall sound an awesome experience.

Are You Talkin To Me?

Kemo City is one tough gaming environment because your controls aren't as responsive as you'd like. Shooting is easy and accurate, but driving is hard work. Making U-turns in some levels is nearly impossible, negotiating your cab around obstacles while switching weapons and views is tricky, and any quick maneuvering can get frustrating, especially when the clock is ticking down.

With graphical violence, Quarantine is adult in its nature and isn't a game for the squeamish. Nor is it a game for the impatient: The long, involved levels will keep players behind the wheel for weeks before they see the last districts.

But what a trip it is. Doom lovers looking to score more gore will dig this grim, futuristic escape saga that spares no fares.


  • Save your Uzi for mass hits, such as when you face the Mad Mob in Kemo Park.
  • The perimeter of each level is fortified with many mines and missile bunkers. Avoid driving close to the walls, or you'll take heavy damage.
  • Your hovercab can't swim, so be extra cautious around water.
  • When you bomb Omni-corp TV in the Core level, take the bomb to the station and eject it using your ejection seat.
  • No rangers are patroling Kemo Park, so go offroad through trees and graveyards to save time on a fare.
  • The streets are brutal on your hovercab, so splurge on protective armor as soon as you can afford it.
  • A good cabbie knows the streets. Use your compass and radar as guides, but try to memorize a quick, easy route when picking up a customer.
  • In the Core level, ensure a successful hit on the Lebaron Gang at the Drive-In with a healthy cab and a loaded "Reaper Rack."
  • When you make your delivery to the mall in the Kemo Core, the entrance is marked by a line of orange posts.

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