Race Days

a game by Gametek
Platform: GameBoy
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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Race Days
Race Days
Race Days
Race Days

Die-hard racing fans won't want to get behind the wheel of this weak title. Race Days is a cart that will disappoint even the most liberal Til play anything" gamer.

Dirty Drivin'

Race Days gives you a choice between two races: Dirty Racing or 4 Wheel Drive. In the DR mode, you steer a little car (closely resembling a Micro Machine) around basic, boring tracks with an overhead view. Prerace screens tell you that "takeovers are simple," but you'll be lucky to pass your way up to third place.

4 Wheel Drive is a little better; you speed through standard tracks from a behind-the-wheel perspective. Hills, bumps, sharp curves-the tracks offer little more than the usual speedway challenges, though they do get progressively harder.

Not So Hot

The graphics are drab and unexciting. Tiny cars and boring backgrounds make Race Days not much fun to look at.

The music squawks, and the motor sounds drone on in an endless whine that never changes. Controlling your car is difficult, especially when you're trying to navigate a sharp curve or steep hill in the 4 Wheel Drive section. And in Dirty Racing, you and the wall will become well acquainted.

This cart might be a decent rental if you have nothing better to do on a weekend (and we do mean nothing), but it's not worth the sticker price. Race Days misses the checkered flag by a mile.


  • Hit the Hashing parts of the wall in Dirty Racing to get additional power-ups.
  • Watch the arrow indicators in 4 Wheel Drive. They alert you to the sharpness of upcoming curves.
  • The Supersonic power-up makes the car twice as hard to control, so be careful!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Race Days from Gametek features two classic games. First, the Fourwheel Drive competition that takes driving a jeep in a first-person perspective. Drive through 19 different courses, and race against other racers through the 3-D winding dirt tracks. Options are there for you to use as you can pick either from right- or left-hand steering. While driving, you can hear live engine sound effects that add realism as you hit the high gear on those hills and sharp turns. Watch for warning arrows for sudden turns nearby. In four-wheel racing, you have the option to link-up to another buddy of yours and play head-to-head.

The second game that's included is Dirty Racin'. In the overhead driving perspective you'll have to race through 32 fast-paced courses and win to qualify to enter in the Grand Final Season. At this pace you'll have to compete in nine of the hardest races ever. Dirty Racin' is packed with more features than the four-wheel drive competition as the races have more depth in relation to items that you can use in upgrading your vehicle.

In the Option Screen, you can pick from three levels of difficulty: Take It Easy. Risk Hazardous or Totally Dirty.

Throughout every course there are money bags scattered that you must pick up to gain more money to send to the shops, so you can upgrade your vehicle in respect to nitros, engine speed, tires and repairing your car. Yes, each car is fitted with nitro boosters. If you feel like you're hanging behind, try out your nitros and speed ahead of the competition. Getting damage around the tracks can get frustrating as you can easily inflict damage on your vehicle if you bang yourself into another car. Bonus panels will occasionally pop out, enabling you to catch up with the racers or fall behind them, receive extra points and repair the damage you've received.

Having played one game is great, but two? Can't lose to that one!

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