Jimmy Johnson Football

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a game by Gametek
Genre: Sports
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Jimmy Johnson Football
Jimmy Johnson Football
Jimmy Johnson Football
Jimmy Johnson Football

Working a crowded field, Jimmy Johnson's VR Football '98 throws itself into the pigskin pile this fall. Gridiron tough guys will be able to suit up in Preseason, Season, and Practice modes with a full complement of players and teams. Gamers will also find a selection of the greatest teams (according to JJ) from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s, as well as a Pro Bowl team. As the screens show, JJ looks similar to the popular Madden games, and it even plays like Madden. Toss in the ability to create your own plays, and you have a game with potential.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Now for the latest news on the football gaming front: Jimmy Johnson '97. This title, presently in development at Gametek and possibly Konami (the two companies are in negotiations to release this title jointly), looks to be a significant contender in the upcoming season.

Pick your favorite team and play an exhibition game or an entire season--if you're into postseason action, you can even choose to just play in the playoffs. All the authentic plays are there, including the jumping catches and diving tackles that you'd expect from any 32-Bit football title. This game goes one step further, however, with a play editor which will let you design your own plays based on the strategies of your favorite teams. Now you're not restricted to the same old plays that you see every Sunday. Want to gain some time by sending your receivers out along the sidelines? Feel free. Want to storm the offense with an all-out blitz? Go for it. Finally, the choice will be yours.

During kicks and passes, the game will feature a unique display which shows the path and trajectory of the ball, so that you can maneuver your receiver into exactly the correct position. This should make judging the passing game easier for the first-time player, without sacrificing playability for the football veteran. Realistic playing conditions such as snow and mud add additional challenge.

Jimmy Johnson will be on hand to lend his advice on your strategies and playing tactics. You'll be able to profit from his years of NFL experience, which will give you a sort of onboard hint resource to help you master the game. In addition to all this, it's our understanding that the developers are pursuing an NFL license to use the actual teams and players, although it's still tentative. Even if it doesn't go through, Jimmy Johnson might still be one of the most complete titles to be released in the near future.

Although we've only seen an unfinished copy, it looks like Jimmy Johnson '97 may be a powerful addition to the 32-Bit football league.

  • MANUFACTURER - Gametek
  • THEME - Football

Some of the game designers who worked on NFL '95 and Madden jumped to a new team, GameTek, to make that company's first football game. Jimmy Johnson NFL '97 is an eight-player game with a stadium full of features like trades, variable weather, and full-season play. Among the teams are some hidden squads, including JJ's own personal faves. The strategy is sophisticated, but you can call plays in just one step (unlike Madden and QB Club's more complicated play-calling). And at the half, the Coach provides a pep talk with helpful hints.

John Madden needn't worry--although coach Jimmy Johnson's new VR Football '98 is out for blood, it barely puts a toothmark on the top contenders Madden or GamcDay.

Virtual Unreality

Dolphins' coach Jimmy Johnson knows how to win--so it stands to reason that VR Football '98 should also lie a winner. Boasting gameplay somewhat similar to EA Sports' Madden series. Jimmy Johnson's VR Football '98 gets sent to the showers against stronger gridiron competitors on the PlayStation this season.

VR Football '98 features just about everything a football fan could ask for all the NFL teams and logos. player names, a helpful Practice mode, and an authentic announcer--but even with all that, the game still feels awkward and plays poorly. The graphics are a coin toss with good player animations but slightly thin, wispy-looking players. Flay calling is similar to that in the Madden series, but long runs and money plays abound in JJVRF.

In addition to all the current NFL squads and NFC and AFC All-Pro teams. VR Football '98 also offers great teams from the '60s through the '90s. plus Jimmy Johnson's hand-picked All-Star team. You can also create a custom team of your own, and even create your own plays, which is the coolest feature of the game.

He's Coming Up Short

Although presented professionally, Jimmy can't keep up with Madden '98 or GamcDay '98 in any area. Work a little more on the game, Jimmy, and maybe one day you can play with the big boys.


  • Use the Practice mode to get a feel for the game controls before heading into a matchup.
  • Learn to use running plays as a way to hold onto the ball and gain steady yardage.
  • When kicking, aim for the corners of the field to take away potential running room for the kick returner.

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