Red Faction: Guerrilla

a game by Volition, Inc.
Platform: PC
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Red Faction: Guerrilla
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Red Faction: Guerrilla

If You Know one thing about Red Faction, it's that it allowed you to dig huge holes in the deformable terrain and jump in them, condemning yourself to a subterranean existence for as long as it took to find the reset button. Red Faction 2... well, nobody played that, but Red Faction: Guerilla seems to be a logical offshoot of the destruction-focused shooter. Now, instead of deformable terrain, the guys at Volition are pioneering things with destructable everything (except terrain).

I'd only vaguely heard the rest of the Red Faction: Guerilla presentation -everything after the bit where the man from Volition said you can hit things with a massive hammer was a wordy blur. There was something about Mars, another bit where he said "open-world" a lot, and one part where he shot some blue lightning at a helicopter and everybody laughed. When the moment came to actually play the game, I dutifully grabbed a sledgehammer and headed for the nearest building. It could have been an enemy torture shack, it could've been a puppy orphanage, I honestly didn't care, and set to work dismantling the place. Red Faction: Guerilla's engine is satisfyingly impressive. If there's something you think it can't handle - say, smashing holes in either end of a bridge to see if the middle falls away - it'll do it, and it'll look more spectacular than you thought it would.

Boom Town

The roof of the building I was breaking collapsed as soon as I'd removed the supporting walls, blowing up the dune buggy contained within. You can keep on smashing the resulting bits too, breaking them down into smaller pieces, until you're wading through piles of rubble, punctuated only by a sorry looking, quest-vital engineering desk.

The title refers to a Martian rebellion, of which you're a sledgehammer wielding mercenary. Six linked open-world zones, from dust plains to icy, terraformed mountains, house missions - the story-based quests channel you through the main game, while side-quests keep you occupied and dole out upgrades, vehicles and weapons.

A morale system operates throughout these zones, and by keeping the populace happy (usually by not shooting them, not hammering their houses down, and blowing up propaganda billboards) they'll come to your aid more readily.

The game's cover system works around the destruction system. Take cover behind a wall and you can follow up with all the usual gumph, shooting blindly around corners and chucking grenades hither and tither. Have some of that wall blown away though, and the cover system intelligently reacts to the new environment ensuring your avatar won't attempt to hide behind the notoriously bullet-accommodating fresh air.

This sort of open-endedness fits far more comfortably with Red Faction than the linear corridors of old. Certainly it allows for wreckage on a larger scale, with later weapons using nanites to disintegrate objects at a molecular level. Demolecularise a few load-bearing struts of a 50ft tall sentry tower, and the structure will topple. Falling debris is deadly too, and Jenga fans with an eye for physics will be able to use buildings to crush their enemies.

Here's a game that knows its , strengths, offering up more and more ways to destroy the world Volition have thought of. Having spent uncountable amounts of money and time terraforming Mars, it's odd to imagine why its residents would make everything so fragile, but we're thankful for it.

Concerns lie with the current span of missions on offer - they're very much of the "kill this'' and "destroy these" variety, but Volition promise that plot-missions will become far more interesting once the player becomes accustomed to "breaking shit". Trust us, it doesn't take long to get to grips with.

Break Your Friends

'Multiplayer mode worth a boxout!' shocker

Red Faction: Guerilla's multiplayer arenas are dotted with backpacks, each offering a different skill. Fleetfoot will give you increased speed; Jetpack will cause magazines to patronise you by explaining that it gives you a jetpack; and Concussion will fire out an area of effect blast which blows enemies away.

Best of all, especially for anybody who saw Vinnie Jones' sublime performance in X-Men: The Last Stand, is the Rhino. This one allows you to charge through walls and people. Expect plenty of "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" taunts as you're smashed off cliffs and into oblivion.

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