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a game by THQ
Platforms: GameCube XBox Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews
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After the creation of nano-technology changed the balance of power on Earth, numerous would-be dictators continually stole the technology until General Sopot obtained it. Using it to enhance soldiers well beyond their own capabilities, Sopot then created an army of super-soldiers that overtook the Commonwealth. Firmly in control, Chancellor Sopot oppressed the Commonwealth and started a tireless war to unify with the United Republic. Unfortunately for the nano-enhanced soldiers, Sopot began to fear them and hunted them down, killing all but a handful. As a team member of the last nano-enhanced unit, you may be the last chance the Commonwealth has to be free of Sopot's tyrannical rule.

Red Faction 2 is a first person shooter that delivers a complete package, leaving little room for disappointment. The graphics will meet most expectations and even show semi-realistic damage to the environment you're fighting in. Grenades for instance will blow holes in walls and stray bullets can destroy other items like computers or chairs. Other issues, like a strong AI, also adds to the experience as enemies will try to run if they take too much damage or become outgunned and push an attack if they have the upper hand.

In addition, a well-designed story line will unfold that will put you in a variety of vehicles and even have multiple endings depending on player actions. This greatly improves the replay value and when combined with the multiplayer options, should keep it fresh for some time.

Without a major problem and solid performances in most areas, Red Faction 2 will impress fans as one of the better first person shooters released this year. Those who have become tired with this genre may want to revisit it, as Red Faction 2 will definitely be worth the risk.

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Game Reviews

So you've an enhanced super soldier designed to be the ultimate weapon. Vastly superior to your enemies, what could possibly cause you any concern? Of course being created by a paranoid dictator who comes to fear his own creation generally doesn't sit well especially when the decision is made to terminate the entire project. Red Faction II is a first person shooter that controls one of these hunted soldiers as his squad sets out on a mission, repaying their less than grateful leader. Based on a solid albeit short plot, Red Faction II brings together a number of key elements that made it one of the better first person shooters released last year.

One of the more entertaining elements Red Faction II uses that most other games ignore is the ability to destroy your environment. Walls, desks, and windows among other things are often destroyed in combat creating a more real experience. Hiding behind objects now becomes hazardous as you'll often find yourself back in the line of fire and new paths can be found by punching holes in walls. Other elements like well designed controls that are easily adapted to and decent graphics with animations that are well detailed and entertaining will keep fans of this genre more than satisfied.

Unfortunately, there are also a few areas that hold the game back. The major issue is how quickly the single player mode can be completed. Within six to eight hours, most experienced players will have finished the game leaving only the multiplayer mode. Although the multiplayer mode offers hours of gameplay, if you don't plan on using it, renting may be a better option.

Red Faction II puts together a complete experience that will disappoint few. Although almost a direct port from the Playstation 2, it still stands out as one of the better first person shooters on the market. The length of the single player mode is worth considering, however, and renting may be a better option for those not interested in the multiplayer options.

You are one of the elite'a super soldier; smarter, faster and stronger than the bad guys' until you become one of the bad guys. Under Chancellor Sopot, you and an army of volunteers were transformed to take on the rebels, but soon Sopot began to fear his creation and ordered you and your buddies destroyed. Now it's up to you to take on Sopot's Elite Guard and take out the monster you helped create.

Red Faction II for the Xbox plays like most typical first-person shooters with a less than interesting plot, generic characters and fair voice acting. The single player game will take you less than 8 hours to whip through, but those eight hours are often intense and typically fun to play. The maps tend to guide players through the game on a short leash, but again, the frenetic pace of Red Faction more than makes up for the lack of free will.

Controls are easy to pick up, and in fact, are a little too easy to learn mostly because they are so overly simplified, offering little more than basic movements and weapons selections to choose from during battle. Luckily, your desire to destroy things in new and interesting ways will be more than satisfied once you hop into one of the game's vehicles. The game has an interesting approach to vehicle play, allowing you to either control a vehicle completely or just ride along as a gunner. The gunship and tank offer a satisfactory wallop but the segments featuring them play more like a sit-and-shoot rail shooter, while the freewheeling controls of the battle suit and submarine will leave you hungry for more vehicle rampage play-time.

This game still relies heavily on the destructible environments that made Red Faction such a unique franchise way back when, but unfortunately the ability to blow holes in walls isn't really that unique any more and there are plenty of games out there that do a better job. For instance, instead of allowing gamers a free hand in what they destroy, Red Faction only allows you to blow up walls and the like if they serve a purpose, such as giving you inventory or blasting an escape route. The end result is a world where not all walls are created equal and there's little you can do to tell hollow and solid walls apart besides trying to blow them up.

At least Red Faction's multiplayer features are more robust than the piddly single player game, offering players a chance to go head-to-head against three buddies in a four-way split screen. You can also add bots to the mix to make it interesting. But again Red Faction II has fallen short of the mark by not supporting any link or Xbox Live play.

Actually, if you compare the Xbox version of Red Faction II to the [PS2 version] you'll be hard pressed to find much different. Sure graphics are a bit better, a little smoother, but they're nothing to write home about. The same can be said for sound, and while frame rates experience little slow down, they still aren't lightning fast.

Red Faction II is a fun shooter, one worth a rent, but I wouldn't plop down any cash to buy it, because there just isn't enough there worth keeping past the weekend it will take you to grow bored with it.

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