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a game by Magnus Games Studio
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Re:Legend is a game that I have been keeping a close eye on for a while and now it is finally complete. This is a decent enough RPG/farming sim/life sim style of game that has a neat story, cute look, and some fun gameplay ideas too. There is a great deal to like about this game, but it is held back by a few annoyances that stop it from being really great. Still, I suggest checking the game out if you like the look of it as there are some good and fun qualities about the game.

Links Awakening!

The story of Re: Legend is that your character (who you create) has washed ashore on the mysterious Vokka Island. You have lost all of your memories and now you need to try and get them back and survive on the island. There are also people on the island that you will get to know and help too. I found the whole premise of the game to have the same kind of vibe (story wise) as The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening. The game has a very colorful and fun vibe to it all. Not only are the characters and the island itself bright and fun to look at, but the game also has a very fitting and good soundtrack too.

Life On The Island

As you try to live on the island, Re: Legend has a lot to keep you very busy. There is a farming aspect to the game where you have to get seeds, plant them, tend to them, and then sell what you have grown. I have always been a real sucker for a farming game and the farming gameplay here is basic, but also fun. You also have to take on various quests for the other islanders where you get to know them better and also get to bring back some of your memories as well. There are life skills in the game that you can work on as you play and progress. Life skills are things like, farming, fishing, logging, crafting, and more.

The Beast Master!

One of the aspects of Re: Legend that I think is pretty cool revolves around these creatures called Magnus. These are fun creatures that you can tame and then use to get around the island and fight for you. It is a fun mechanic and I liked the designs of the creatures. However, there are also bad Magnus on the island and you will have to fight these. The combat in the game is fun as you have different weapon classes that you can play around with. It may not be super deep, but it was decent enough.

Bugs On The Island

There is a lot to like about Re: Legend and there are some great and well thought out ideas in the game. However, I have to say that despite them saying that the game is now finished, there are still many, many bugs present in the game. I have heard that some people have had to even restart the game during the tutorial. A quick restart of a save usually fixes the issue, but I had to do this on more occasions than felt ok! From quests not loading, my character glitching, stuff not spawning and more, I do not see how they can say that the game is out of early access!


I had fun with Re: Legend and when I could get a good hour or so of gameplay without any kind of bug happening, it was great. I liked the story and the setting of the game and felt that there was a lot of charm here. The whole Magnus aspect of the game where you can tame, raise and fight with them was pretty cool. If the bugs were worked out, I probably would have scored the game a whole point higher.


  • The story being told here is pretty fun
  • I liked mingling with the other islanders
  • The Magnus aspect of the gameplay was something I really enjoyed
  • It can be a cute and fun adventure/crafting/RPG


  • There are way too many bugs that force you to frequently restart the game
  • The story may be a bit too close to Links Awakening for some people

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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