Road Runner's Death Valley Rally

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a game by ICOM Simulations
Genre: Platformer
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Who's the fastest video game critter on two legs? If you said Sonic, it just might be time to trade in your tennis shoes for a pair of bird's feet! The original highway hopper himself, the Road Runner, is making tracks in a fast, fun, and ultra-challenging SNES game courtesy of Sunsoft.

Fast Bird, Fast Food?

Per usual, RR's got a monkey on his back, a pain in the rear, a carnivore out t cook up Road Runner stew -- Wile E. Coyote! Wile E.'s starving for baked birdie, so he's outfitted himself with the finest bird-catching ACME gadgetry a pile of tumbleweeds can buy. Rocket-powered roller skates, an out-of-control jackhammer, a giant wrecking ball, and other mechanical wonders are at the Coyote's disposal.

This proliferation of ACME inventions adds up to big trouble for our fleet- footed hero. You, as the Road Runner, scamper through 20 humongous side- view levels in a most dangerous game of capture the flag. In each area, you snag multi-colored flags on a deadly desert obstacle course and touch the coveted checkered flag to complete the "rally." Cross the finish line, and the Coyote's latest gadget will backfire and slam him into the side of a mountain, charbroil him alive, shatter him into a thousand pieces, or drop him off the edge of a cliff!

ProTip: If you're low on energy, listen for palpitations. Then take heart!

Interstate Antics

Road Runner moves like greased lighting in this game. He can build up a head of steam just by pumping his legs, but a Turbo burst turns him into a scarlet streak as he zooms by anything in his path. Piles of birdseed, which he can munch by pecking with his beak, charge up his Turbo meter. While buzzed on birdseed, Road Runner can run straight up sheer cliffs! If anything, Road Runner's too fast for his own good. He often skims unpredictably into the stratosphere with no turning back.

Use long vertical runways to rocket up to high-up platforms.

Death Valley Rally's five major levels (with four scenes apiece) are as twisted as the Coyote himself. Zippity Splat is a sprint across the desert. Rock 'n' Rivet is a rollicking romp through an unstable construction site. In Train Runnery, you try not to get derailed when hopping across a locomotive in motion that's loaded with circus animals. Hopalong Casualty is an underground excursion into a mine shaft. Quantum Beep moves at Warp Factor Nine.

  • Ride to new heights on the magnetized steel girders in Level 2-2.
  • Take the high road on the giraffes' necks in Level 3-2. It's safer than car- jumping on ground level.

Scorpions sting you, cacti poke you, and Marvin the Martian zaps you, but your main opposition is still the Coyote aboard an ACME gadget. In the "boss" sequence, the Coyote hauls out an oversize machine that you can pick apart if you find the weak spots!

  • Study the ACME blueprints to find a Coyote contraption's weaknesses.

Road Ravaged

Outwitting the Coyote is a blast, but Death Valley Rally's limited continue feature is fatal for Road Runner rookies. You're required to capture 20 colored flags to earn continues, which is no bird-brained task. Expect to see the "That's all folks!" game over screen often. Obnoxious? Unfortunately, yes.

  • Ignore the time limit and concentrate on capturing flags. You'll never complete the game without bagging a few continues.

Ecstasy for Eyes & Ears

Death Valley Rally is an animation extravaganza that captures the appeal of the Warner Bros.' cartoon classics. The Road Runner's feet disappear into a blue blur when he speeds down the highway. He also screeches and stops with authority. The Coyote even looks into the camera on cue when he plunges to a possible demise. The backdrops are lavish, colorful, and very, very steep.

The audio tracks are almost immaculate. Sampled directly from Looney Tunes footage, the sound effects squeak, bonk, and blow up in time with the action. You can even interject a "beep, beep" or "thup, thup" (tongue sound) with the L and R buttons! The music's excellent, but it could drive you just as "loopy" as the weird cliffs and winding tracks. The songs tend to repeat themselves often during game play. If you don't know the Looney Tunes theme music by heart, you will after playing this game!

Fun on the Freeway

So, just who is the fastest dude around? The Sonic vs. Road Runner race is too close to call, but the decision on Death Valley Rally's place in your game library is easy. If you don't mind re-racing the Rally from the very beginning when you lose, by all means risk life, limb, and tail feathers to grab a copy while it's hot. See you at the finish line!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Sunsoft / Super NES

Sunsoft is working on its latest title for the Super NES entitled Death Valley Rally! You play the Road Runner as you try to outwit and outmaneuver the cunning Wile E. Coyote in a race for your life. Many traps are set alongside the road to trap you, with some set up by Wile E. himself. Beep Beep!

Sunsoft says its new game moves faster than a speeding Sonic or a runaway Super Mario. Beep, beep, Super NES speed demons, here's a preview of a game starring everyone's favorite animated highway hopper, the Road Runner!

On the Road Again

Warner Bros, brought the battle of the "Coyotius Hungarius", Wile E. Coyote, and the "Speedius Maximus", the Road Runner, into our living rooms in the 12 classic Looney Tunes cartoons. In the appropriately-titled Death Valley Rally, the destructive duo sprint across 20 side-view SNES stages.

That purveyor of defective bird-snaring gadgetry, ACME, returns to supply the Coyote with more inventions to help him cook the Road Runner's goose. You, as the Road Runner, must outwit a new Wile E. trap in every stage and capture a checkered flag to complete the Rally. The varmint in question flies a hot-air balloon, drives a giant wrecking ball machine, operates a catapult, and blasts off on wild rocket-powered roller skates.

In this game, Sunsoft went all-out to give the 'toons life-after-syndication. When the Road Runner munches a pile of birdseed, he builds up a head of Turbo Speed. His legs become a blur as he zooms down the asphalt like greased lightning! Bait the Coyote into stepping off a cliff, and he'll look sheepishly into the camera as his body drops like a rubber band. Watch his descent with a top-view Mode 7 perspective. The beeps, screeches, and flippity tongue sound effects are sampled directly from Looney Tunes footage.

Feel the Need for Birdseed

We'll try to catch this bird's tail feathers with a full review in an upcoming issue. So watch a few Coyote cartoons and make a road map while you wait!

Your favorite cartoon team has just arrived for the SNES! Help foil Wile E. Coyote's plans of making a quick lunch out of our hero, the Roadrunner! Twenty levels of non-stop mayhem await you in this loony, cartoony cart. Watch the coyote plunge into a canyon, fly into the side of a cliff, fall from a balloon and be flattened into a hairy pancake! That coyote will never learn!

People say:


This game has a great style of play and animation that left me with the impression of a Super NES' Sonic. The play is quicker, however, and anchored by some com-jical "set-ups" straight out of the cartoon. The play seemed too fast in areas, but iwith a simple approach filled with plenty for the advaned gamer, this was a joy!


There have been a lot of cartoon translations but none as good as this one. Perhaps the reason can be attributed to the 'look and feel' of the game. In DVR the characters act just like the ones in the popular cartoon. Another new idea is that each level is a whole cartoon in itself with a beginning and an end. Nice touch!


Now this is how a cartoon should be made into a game! I love the way each level is a separate "cartoon" with end boss that coincides with the theme of the levels. The cinemas are great and each one captures the humor of the classic cartoons we grew up to. The game play is tough and could be a little less sloppy.


Yes, yes, yes! The Acme company never could have done this well! Death Valley Rally is extremely funny to play, and the excellent Mode 7 falling scene is worth the price of the game itself! Look out Sonic! The Road Runner is running right on your Tails! A sequel to this comedy extravanganza has to be forthcoming!

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    This game is quite confusing at first but good fun once you have found out which way you are meant to meep meeping go!.