Roundscape: Adorevia

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a game by Kaliyo
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 12 votes
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Roundscape: Adorevia
Roundscape: Adorevia
Roundscape: Adorevia

Adult games very rarely stray into any other format than the typical story-driven text-based adventure category. However, there are some exceptions to the rule such as Summon Of Asmodeus which runs as a Metroidvania style erotic game. Or alternatively, you could take Babysitting Cream as another example due to its roots being set firmly in resource management and strategy. Roundscape Adorevia aims to go against the grain as well and takes on the challenge of a turn-based style Japanese RPG of all things.

This game plays similarly to the likes of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, EarthBound or Vagrant Story due to its ties to turn-based combat while relying on dialogue with NPC’s, managing party members and levelling up. However, the most key difference between this one and those listed is the level of X-rated content that you’ll come across in this title.

Fantasy and Flesh

What this game does fantastically is blending two very contrasting approaches and this makes a wonderful end product. This is of course, in reference to the top-down, open-world sections that will have you wander and explore vast forests, Dwarven cities and various other points of interest. Then secondly, the dialogue-heavy sections where you will be treated to the more familiar gameplay of games within this genre.

This is without even mentioning the combat sections of this game. You’ll have yourself matched up against knights and soldiers, giant spiders of the forest and undead looking creatures throughout your adventure and you’ll have a wealth of abilities you can use to lay waste to these foes.

Wonderful Varied Design

When creating two very contrasting game approaches come together, it means that you need visuals to do the same. Thankfully for this title, the visuals for the 2D top-down sections are wonderfully rendered to look like a classic Final Fantasy title, while the dialogue-heavy sections are designed with a cartoonish, hand-drawn style that really suits the characters and environments present in the game.

The UI is also a strong point of the presentation. You’ll have a menu screen that will allow you to manage your inventory, change equipment and abilities, see your level and you’ll also be given a series of quests to complete throughout your journey that you can see in this menu. It’s a classic JRPG format and it’s very classy in the way it has been presented here. The game also has an excellent runtime considering the amount of work that has gone into making this one as mechanically sound and unique as it is, which is a real bonus for anyone looking for an adult adventure that they can play for a good while.

Puts the ‘R Rated’ In RPG

If you hold this game up against just about any other narrative-driven adult games out there, I would say that it would blow most of them out of the water in any given area. The visuals are stunning, the sound quality is great, the storyline is fantasy at it’s finest with added raunchiness and the gameplay is better than just about anything you’ll get within the genre.


Admittedly, the genre doesn’t set a very high bar but this game clears it comfortably nonetheless. If you want a raunchy RPG adventure, we would wager there are few better than this.


  • Amazing range of visuals
  • The gameplay is well above the standards of the genre
  • The storyline is fun and engaging


  • The game can be too tasking for someone simply looking for a good story.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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