RTL Ski Jumping 2007

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Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 8 votes
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RTL Ski Jumping 2007
RTL Ski Jumping 2007
RTL Ski Jumping 2007
RTL Ski Jumping 2007

RTL Ski Jumping 2007 is a ski jumping game that was released for the PlayStation 2 and the PC. I played the game on PC, but from what I have seen, both versions (apart from the controls) are pretty much the same thing. It is a rather unusual sport to make a whole game out of, but despite having some trouble with it at first, I ended up having way more fun with this than I thought.

To Be The Best!

As you would expect from a game like this, there is not an actual story in this game. Instead, the point of RTL Ski Jumping 2007 is proving your might on the hills as you try and become the ultimate skiing champion. It might not sound like much, but it is way more addictive than you would think.

41 Hills!

The championship mode that the game offers is quite in-depth, but it is not the kind of place you want to start, that was the mistake I made with the game. You can pick any of the 41 hills that the game has to offer, as well as one of the what I assume, are pro ski jumpers and try to get the hang of the game there as well as set a high score. Setting a high-score in RTL Ski Jumping 2007 is probably the most addictive thing in the game.

I played the game on PC and the way you play the game is with the mouse. You have to get your speed just right, but I found it is the balance while you are in the air that is the real key to getting a high-score. It is very tricky to figure out, but once you do the gameplay becomes quite addictive.

Become A Champion

While you can pick who you want to play as in the other game modes in RTL Ski Jumping 2007. The championship mode sees you needing to create your own ski jumper from scratch and then improve them as you progress through the game. It is typical stuff, but it works well enough.

The only thing is that some of the character models are super weird in this game. They can look like some kind of strange Slenderman looking character which is pretty funny. The sound design in the game is ok, none of the music is going to stick with you, but in the confines of the game it works well enough and I have no complaints about it.


I have played ski jumping in various sports games before and always thought it was a pretty neat event. Having a whole game based around it like what RTL Ski Jumping 2007 is trying to do is a little bit of a stretch. Still, while I was playing this, I did find myself having a fun time and it is a game that is a bit different and something that is worth playing for an hour or so. I am sure if you are into ski jumping that this is probably one of the best games out there.


  • It is a whole game about ski jumping
  • I liked trying to best my high-scores
  • You can create your own ski pro
  • The championship mode is tough, but fair


  • The controls do take a little while to get the hang of
  • Some of the character models look very weird

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Playstation 2

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  • PC compatible
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