Sam & Max: Season Two - Chariots of the Dogs

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a game by Telltale, Inc
Platform: PC (2008)
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Sam & Max: Season Two - Chariots of the Dogs
Sam & Max: Season Two - Chariots of the Dogs
Sam & Max: Season Two - Chariots of the Dogs
Sam & Max: Season Two - Chariots of the Dogs

SAM AND MAX have felt trapped recently. In a world that relies on in-jokes, new players are alienated by the exclusivity of the self-references. However, if you've played all the games, you can't help but notice - and begin to weary of - the template that the adventures all fit. Last month's vampiric romp had strong jokes, but the puzzles were dazzlingly routine, and only my lowered expectations let me enjoy it as much as I did.

Telltale won't be getting another chance; Chariots Of The Dogs is a cold slap that reminds you how good the series can be. The pre-game intro script feels like it was written by the work experience guy, but once you reach its DOTT-style time-machine, everything is fresh, clean and complicated. Your progression is far less obvious than we've become used to - the problem seems like a knot, rather than the transparent three-strand puzzles of late. The science may be sub-Torchwood, but puzzle logic is intact. Even if you'll spend a while knowing the answer, and trying to let the game know you know the answer, it's still the most satisfying and funniest episode of the season.

If you want in on even half the jokes, don't start here - but if you've followed the sine wave of quality that brings us all to this 10th episode, Chariots Of The Dogs will quickly become one of your favourites.

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