Serial Cleaners

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a game by Draw Distance
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Serial Cleaners
Serial Cleaners
Serial Cleaners

I thought that the first game was great, but with Serial Cleaners, we are ditching the 70s and going to the 90s. I like this idea as the first game had an awesome 70s kind of style and this game is full-on 90s from the music, the fashion, and just the way the game “is”. If you love interesting puzzle and stealth games, you have to check this one out. Even if you missed the first game, I feel this is still well worth your time checking out.

Four Cleaners One Past!

One of the things that I think that Serial Cleaners nails right from the start is the 90s feel. The game is clearly inspired by stuff like movies from Quintin Tarantino and that is cool. We have four different cleaners for the mob who are reminiscing about some of the jobs they did. They each remember things differently and what starts off as a few guys reminiscing about the past soon takes a dark turn.

No Paper Here

If you played the original, Serial Cleaner you know that it had a somewhat papercraft and bright and funky look to it. It captured the 70s perfectly. As Serial Cleaners is set in the 90s it has a very different look to it. Things are darker, moodier and the game has a lot more detail to it. If you looked at this game and then at the first game, you would probably be shocked that they are related at all. I love the visual style of the game and the different locations each have their own theme and style which is cool too.

Radio 90s

This game has an awesome soundtrack that just captures the 90s perfectly. You have stuff like West Coast hip-hop, grunge, and so on. All the kind of music that you would hear on the radio back in the 90s. My high-school days were in the 90s and this soundtrack really does fit the era perfectly.

Cleaning Up A Mess

The gameplay here is great. The idea is that you play as a cleaner for the mob. When a job has been done and there is blood, evidence, or bodies that need taken care of, these four guys have to get the job done. Each guy has their own approach to things and their memories show that they each remember things differently.

Each level has you doing the same basic things. You need to clean each crime scene and you do this by cleaning up the blood, taking the evidence, and disposing of bodies. The cops are on the scene so you have to be quick, learn their patrol patterns and when all hell breaks loose, run, hide and then get back to work! It is fun stuff, but it is also very challenging, for example, getting rid of some bodies is like a puzzle as you have to figure out where you need to dump them.


If you are like me and loved the original game, Serial Cleaners looks like it is offering more of the same, but with a new kind of style. I love the 90s setting; I think I like it even more than the 70s actually. It is a very challenging game, but it is also very addictive. I like the story, the way you have to truly think and watch your surroundings and in all, it looks like it is a superb follow-up to a game that was already good.


  • The game is set in the 90s and that is cool
  • I liked how each cleaner was different
  • This is a mixture of stealth and puzzle-solving
  • There are some cool things you can unlock


  • The game can be very challenging
  • If you are not into the 90s aesthetic it may be hard to get into

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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