Soldner: Marine Corps

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a game by Wings Simulations GmbH
Platform: PC
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Soldner: Marine Corps
Soldner: Marine Corps
Soldner: Marine Corps
Soldner: Marine Corps

Get Ready for the big scoop -contrary to reports on the Interweb that the new expansion pack for the online shooter Soldner Secret Wars had been cancelled, brings you this exclusive first look! Basically, developer Wings Simulations was removed from the project weeks before the game was ready, so the final code could be finished in-house at publisher JoWooD.

OK, it's not really on a scale with an announcement of Half-Life 3, but we reckon these most recent screens actually show a great deal of promise. We were rather harsh on Soldner (40 per cent -ouch) because of the game's numerous bugs and awful vehicle handling. However, subsequent patches apparently fixed everything - especially the dodgy physics - and according to community manager at JoWooD, Marc Olbertz, the new expansion pack Marine Corps is going to seriously challenge NovaLogic's excellent multiplayer FPS Joint Ops.

Promises, Promises

"We're running a closed beta programme with members of the Soldner community, who are giving us awesome feedback and input for the completion of the expansion pack," says Olbertz. "The overall game has been polished and includes a fresh new general user interface, reworked sound system and improved Advanced Destruction System for blowing up bridges, oil pipelines and other stuff with spectacular particle effects."

Like the original, Soldner: Marine Corps takes place in the near future across various continents, with you being able to become a member of a special ops squad with an armoury of weapons to tool up. To get around the huge maps - which now include desert and island scenarios - you'll be able to commandeer dozens of vehicles, including a Tiger helicopter, Leopard tank and Wombat armoured car. Probably.

Also, amphibious and marine warfare are now included, so you'll be able to have fun in the sun with various speedboats, jet skis and water craft, as well as squeezing your character into the new scuba diving gear. JoWooD is also obviously paying attention to what's going on in the world today, with Marine Corps now including major desert combat, with the addition of sand-swept camouflaged fatigues, vehicles and character classes - an obvious attempt to see off the forthcoming Battlefield 2.

"You're equipped with the best weapons in modern warfare, and the freedom to choose from more than 100 weapons and 100 vehicles," continues Olbertz. "Because you're never restricted to a class like medic or sniper, and can also become the leader in commander mode, ordering artillery strikes and issuing team instructions, we're confident that Marine Corps will offer players new possibilities in tactical warfare."

Check out these screenshots and you'll see that the game is looking surprisingly decent, despite the machinations behind its development. Find out if Soldner: Marine Corps can banish the memories of the flawed original - the fog of war lifts in next review.

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