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Links 2001

The benchmark in the PC Golf genre has always been the Links franchise -- it has all but dominated the PC scene until just recently.

Fox Sports Golf '99

How many times have you heard this summer, “The heat outside is killing me! It’s so hot that I don’t even want to go play golf”?

Golf Special

Out on the links with the Bear himself! Accolade has done an excellent job of taking one of the best golf sims in '97 and and making it better for '98.

Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf

Despite some decent AVI flyovers and a really cool course with lots of water and funky bunkers, this game is hard to get into.

Konami Golf

The masters of game design are moving into the GameBoy system with a new golf game.

VR Golf 97

One conclusion that can be drawn from the story above is that the controls are very simple.

Hot Shots Golf

Perhaps what is needed is a golf game that doesn't take itself so seriously. Enter Hot Shots Golf.

3-D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe

If you’re like me, your experience with computer minigolf meant top-down views taking angles and velocity into account in an attempt to get the small dot (ball) onto the bigger dot (hole).

Outlaw Golf

In all actuality the composure meter is one of the items that make this game stand out from the crowd.

3-D Ultra Minigolf

In contrast to the huge array of professional golf simulations, which now emphasize photo-realistic courses and accurate replications

Mini Golf Master

Every year on my birthday when I was a little kid my father used to take me out for the afternoon to munch on hot dogs and play putt-putt golf.

Hot Shots Golf FORE!

Golf is the gentleman's game: a sport steeped in refinement and etiquette, a sport of class and prestige, and a sport that's reserved for the elite few' well, unless you're playing Hot Shots Golf FORE! on the PlayStation 2.

Microsoft Golf 3.0

It's perhaps telling that if you visit the Microsoft Golf 3.0 website, one of the first things you see in the "Inside golf" link is the catch-phrase: "Adjust your grip on reality.

Hot Shots Golf 3

Its formula for success was really quite simple: take a cast of wacky trash-talkin characters, place them into a fully realized 3D world of fairways, bunkers, and greens, throw in an excellent game-play engine, shake well, and out comes a golf game..

Microsoft Golf 1998

Microsoft has a new developer to carry on its line of golf simulations.

World Cup Golf

World Cup Golf is everything you need to mimic the real thing.

Swing Away Golf

Swing Away Golf takes a page from Mario Golf (GBC) by integrating regular golf action with RPG elements.

Tee Off Golf

Despite the anime character designs, the familiar look and other loose similarities-Hof Shots Golf

Links 2003

In the past couple of years, console golf games have taken encouraging strides in competing with their PC cousins.

Links LS 99

Simply put, another fine edition of the endearing golf franchise, perfect for whiling away the time during long winter days when it seems as if the sun will never again warm the frozen earth.

Links Extreme

The last time I played real golf was a couple of years ago and on that outing I was stuck behind a very slow foursome.

36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples 32X

36 authentic holes from 27 premier courses around the United States, up to eight players. 7 different game modes.
Sega Genesis

Waialae Country Club

Time to tee off with one of the finest golf simulations that I've ever seen.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002

Last year's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 was a solid (but not spectacular) golf game that filled an important hole in Sony's lineup of next-generation sports software.