Everybody's Golf 4

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a game by Clap Hanz, and Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Everybody's Golf 4
Everybody's Golf 4
Everybody's Golf 4

Everybody's Golf 4 is a game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in partnership with Clap Hanz. Published by Sony itself, the game was an exclusive title of the PlayStation 2, released in November 2003. The game received favorable reviews in both is North American and PAL versions, as well as the Japanese version upon release.

Golf Made Easy

Everybody's Golf 4 is a golf game that has cartoon-like features, and animated characters as their players. Unlike most recent titles the game doesn’t rely heavily on visual realism to deliver a fun gaming experience. Of course, being a game from 2003 there’s a gap between what could be delivered graphics-wise back then, even so, Everybody's Golf 4 was able to deliver a colorful, sharp, and enjoyable course with what it had available.

What set the game apart when released was the fact that it delivered better physics, a larger roster, more caddies and courses than ever before. Characters went from 15 to 24, including some Sony household names such as Ratchet and Jak, from their own PlayStation titles. This makes this a great game for casual gamers, families, and people with kids around since it’s very reminiscent of the Nintendo Wii joyful titles.

A Course for Everyone

Everybody's Golf 4 offers players multiple ways to game. The game came with different modes, including a miniature golf game, tour mode, tournament mode, VS Mode, and a tutorial. The game also offers players two online options a Head to Head (1v1) mode, and a real-time Tournament mode. Tournaments here can have up to thirty-two players competing against each other. Online modes were only available for the North American and PAL versions of the game, the Japanese game did not have only features, and had the unique Pipo Monkey as its playable character.


The game itself is fun and full of color and outlandish effects, much like what we have seen in recent years with Wii Sports, and Mario Golf titles. Realism is surely something that was taken into account, as there is a real feel to the way the ball behaves itself. Generally following the laws of physics. The gameplay itself is simple to learn and replicate welcoming newcomers, and those unfamiliar with games. Everybody's Golf 4 might leave hardcore fans of single players, and more recent realism frustrated, but the title is a lot of fun as a party game and share with friends and family.


Everybody's Golf 4 feels like a dated game surely, but it still carries that nostalgia factor that made these early sports games so enticing at first. Various mechanics and foundations of more recent games from the franchise began here, and newer games are clearly better, but this is still a fun game nonetheless. If you enjoyed Wii Sports, Mario Golf, PGA Tour 2K21 you might enjoy this game. While they all offer different golfing experiences each is fun in its own way.


  • Various Characters & Guest Appearances
  • Easy to Play
  • Good Party Game
  • Improved Physics


  • Graphics Are Dated
  • Some Functions Aren’t Supported Anymore
  • Might Not Please Hardcore Fans

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Playstation 2

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