Spot: The Cool Adventure

a game by Visual Concepts
Platform: GameBoy
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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Those cute little 7-up Spots , have a bad habit of getting into mischief. Seems one of the little buggers jumped into a Game Boy to avoid being seen by one of us. Now he's having such a blast that he won't come out until you help him beat the game.

The Hot Spot

Spot: The Cool Adventure features none other than the infamous Spot in a hop 'n' pop, one-player, action/adventure game with multiple stages of sometimes standard and sometimes intriguing game play.

Spot can walk, jump, super jump, and tote things around in his crafty little hands. He's simple to control with a standard button interface that's easy to learn. The Cool One uses all of his nifty moves to migrate through the Carbonated Forest, the Uncola Mountain, and more. The graphics are as clean and crisp as a frosty glass of 7-Up, and you'll certainly recognize the Spotmeister, down to his cute little shades.

Each stage features various obstacles and challenges. Some are standard action/adventure fare, such as leaping over logs, tossing blocks, and riding little platforms to higher areas. Other obstacles show a good deal of originality, such as tracks with moving lifts and directional switches, portable platforms, falling leaves, jet packs, and even a spaceship.

In each level, Spot's mission is simple. Begin at the beginning and go to the end. The levels start off easy, but they grow more challenging as the game advances. Intermediate gamers will find the later levels moderately challenging, but all levels of gamers can vary the difficulty via Hard and Easy entrances at the beginning of each level. Choose the Hard setting to have less life and a four-minute time limit to complete the level. There's no time limit on the Easy setting, and you get more life.

In each level, Spot can give himself I the advantage by grabbing Spots. Grab 100 Spots, and you get an extra life. Finish the stage with the right score, and you enter a bonus round, where you try to trap hearts in the upper section of the screen to earn extra life. Other power-ups include extra life hearts and 1-ups.

Fizzy Fun

The cool ones are, of course, very big stars, and their Game Boy debut gets a thumbs up. It may not have as much pop and sparkle as the Uncola, but it's got enough effervescence to enchant fans of the Spots and video gamers alike. Cool!


  • Grab as many hearts as you can in the bonus round. Grab more than your maximum number of hearts, and you earn a 1-up.
  • To grab the 1-up in Stage 2 of the Carbonated Forest, leap across the platforms above the water. Drop down to the platform on the far right of the water, then jump onto the Coating platform and move left across the water until you reach the 1-up.
  • Take the upper exit in Stage 3 of the Uncola Mountain. There's a 1-up waiting for you.
  • When you reach Stage 3 of the Uncola Mountain, you need to grab the lift platforms that you find lying around. Take them with you, to use when you reach a track with no lift for example, midway through Stage 3, leap across a gap to reach a lift platform. Cany it back across the gap. When it hooks onto the track, ride it up to move on through the stage.
  • Late in Stage 4 of the Uncola Mountain, you'll find the first Umbrella. Use it to float down to the ledge below the bat You'll need to grab the small platform to escape over the ledge to your right.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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