Starfleet Command III

a game by Activision
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Starfleet Command III
Starfleet Command III
Starfleet Command III
Starfleet Command III

Shifting gears to the next generation timeline, Starfleet Command III starts with events leading up to the movie Star Trek: Nemesis. Following more of a solid story line than its predecessors, many changes were made to this latest release including leaving behind the multiple races that were either non-factors or never seen on the TV series. Playable factions now include only the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg empires with campaigns that intertwine along the same plot. Most of the rest of the game has also seen some change and although some parts can still be frustrating, the overall action is still as solid as ever with a number of gameplay improvements.

Starfleet Command III still follows the same general game flow with missions advancing the plot dispersed around a handful of scanning or quick engagement missions. As before, prestige points are given out after missions are completed which can be used to buy or upgrade different ships. Returning to Starfleet Command III is the RPG style of officer skill as well with an officer's abilities increasing as battles are won.

What is also present in Starfleet Command III is the gameplay that attracted so many to its predecessors. Although the controls are still going to be confusing to players new to the series, many changes have been made to reduce the complexity. The ship's power management for one has been greatly simplified as you're only concerned with weapon and shield power allocation and the ability to jam and prevent jamming has been completely removed. The capability to warp however has been added to speed the game up a bit but now you can only control one ship at a time as opposed to the three you could in the past. Fans of the Starfleet Command series will be glad that the AI continues to impress with its ability to use strategy and tactics while engaging. Enemy ships will try to protect their weakened shields, maneuvering so your firing arcs are on their stronger side in addition to firing at your weakened shields instead of taking the shot whenever they can.

Starfleet Command III corrects many of the major problems it's had in the past and brings out a more stable game. With a working dynaverse and improved graphics, fans that were disappointed with Starfleet Command II shouldn't discount Starfleet Command III. Although the controls can still be difficult to manage at first, Starfleet Command III is worth the effort.

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