Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge

a game by Dynamix
Platform: 3DO
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Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge

Now this is more like it! Nevermind that Stellar 7 is more or less a straight translation of a PC game. This first-person-per-spective tank-combat game brings good fighting action to 3DO and gives the system's much-publicized graphic promise some teeth.

Tanks a Lot

Cir Draxon, Supreme Overlord of the Arcturan Empire, is hot to add the Earth to his dominion. But you're ready to turn up the heat on his invasion fleet with your ultra-deadly super-tank, the Raven.

This is heavy metal fighting all the way. You're inside the Raven; Draxon's armored army is outside. You face 12 known Arcturan attack vehicles. They're rough, but the unknown vehicles are murder, especially the ones you can't even see. To make matters even more challenging, weird robotic bosses occasionally drop into the fray.

Enemy forces attack you on the ground and from the air, but the Raven is up to the challenge...if you are. You must fire for effect, of course, but dodge that Arcturan firepower, or your shields will fail.

Your basic gun is mean, but you can power it up into a rapid-fire super cannon. With luck you can also find an invisibility generator, a shield that destroys tanks and mines.

The Raven's controls are excellent. The game keeps up an all-out pace. You rely on a sharp view-screen and a radar panel to track your foes. You can whip your tank at breakneck speed around the surface of the seven Arcturan worlds.

Graphics Rave On

Stellar 7's graphics are a knockout. The Arcturan armor consists of vividly painted polygon-based vehicles, and the animation sizzles. Each world's backgrounds present gorgeous planetary scenery.

The game sounds are a little lean, but they come off well. In particular, the blast effects and the excellent voice narration stand out.

Lucky 7

If you want to space out with your 3DO Multiplayer, take a shot behind the controls of the Raven.Stellar 7 is stellar.


  • If you're moving in reverse to escape an enemy, watch the radar screen. Run up against an obstacle, and the Arc-turans will be on you In no time.
  • You must learn to lead moving targets. The farther away they are, the more you must lead them.
  • Don't stop and spin. If you do, you're a stationary target
  • Remember, your enemies can hit you from long range.
  • Outrun Seeker homing bombs.
  • You can see cloaked enemies on the radar screen.
  • Yes, that's the voice of Michael Dom, TV's Worf of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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