Super Dodge Ball

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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Sports
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 5.3/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Teaming up for Action

The stalwart U.S. Dodgeball Players have teamed up to challenge their opponents from around the globe for the title of World Cup Champions. Their ultimate goal is to wallop the indefatigable Soviet team that remains the undefeated contender. You must take command of your buffed U.S. team and work your way up to victory.

The Name of the Game

Super Dodge Ball is a vigorous sport, consisting of two teams with six players on each side of the court; three players in and three out. The object is to clobber your opponents by hurling the hard ball at mach speeds so as to deplete their energy.

This gamepad offers several modes for your playing enjoyment. World Cup Play pits the U.S. team against eight other countries in the quest for the World Cup. In Versus play, you represent a country and play against a friend's country. A practice game called Bean Ball matches you against the computer; or two players can compete with each other against the drones. The rules are simple. Knock all opponents out!

Survival of the Fittest

Using the directional pad, you control the basic movements, such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, passing and catching. Each international team in Super Dodge Ball possesses a unique skill, such as excellent throwing power, agility, ball breaking, catching technique, energy, fancy throwing techniques and damage capacity.

ProTip: Walk Hack to the sideline, then ran to the center line and throw at your opponents, for a better chance for a "power shot".

These skilled behemoths are pitted against each other as they try to be the best in the world. Most players have a specially timed "power shot" or two hidden under their sleeves. There are 13 different "power shots" with fancy maneuvers that can unexpectedly slam an unsuspecting opponent or simply psyche him out. Use power shots such as the Blaster, Upper Cut, Boomerang, the Psycho and the Warp to mobilize your team against the eight competing countries.

Go for the Gold

Super Dodgeball is CSG Imagesoft's premiere release. The sound and musical score are high in quality. The game play, though seemingly simplistic, requires stamina and high precision. If you enjoy stiff competition, be sure to nab this one. Get ready to take home the World Cup!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: CSG Imagesoft
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

Just when you thought there was no other sport that could be brought to the Nintendo, along comes Super Dodge Ball, a well-animated, fast-action contest that allows you to play against the machine or a friend. This game takes awhile to get the hang of, but is great fun, especially when played against another person.

Super Dodge Ball is a new version of the game we all played (or are still playing) in school. It is played on a rectangular court, which is split in half. On one half, three men from the six-man team are positioned, and the other three men line the opponent's side of the court. Of course, the other team is set up in a similar manner. The object is to hit one of the opponents within the court with the ball. The ball can be thrown by one of the three men in the court, or by one of their teammates around the outside of the other half of the court. The focus can shift if one of your teammates is hit and the ball comes to rest within your reach (i.e., inside one half of the court or outside the other half). The ball can also change hands if an opponent manages to catch it. As on the playing field, you can pass the ball to a teammate or take the shot yourself. Passing the ball around is a good tactic for confusing the opponent.

Unlike the school playground, however, the object here is to essentially destroy an opponent. If you hit someone often enough or hard enough, they are removed from the playing field via a small angel who rises to the top of the screen. Each team member is rated for energy, throwing power, throwing technique, ball break (amount of curve on the ball), agility, catch technique and damage capacity. The damage capacity is the total defensive power and represents the level of damage that can be received before you begin to lose energy. When energy has dropped to zero, you are out of the game.

Of course, team members vary in abilities, but some are quite powerful, especially the Soviet team. For example, while most players possess energy levels between 30 and 40 (except for the wimpy Indian team, with energies about 16!), the Soviets all have energies over 50, and one (Boris) has an energy level of 60. By the way, the name of the members of the international teams are quite consistent, ranging from Wang, Hsieh and Li of China to Boris, Ivan and Igor from the USSR.

Super Dodge Ball has three modes - World Cup, Versus and Bean Ball. Bean Ball is just for practice, while Versus lets you play against someone else, and World Cup puts you in charge of the U.S. team. You must play the All-stars, and, if you win, move on to play other teams from around the world. When you first select a team, the players are assigned to their positions. You have the option to vary their positions to maximize their strengths. For example, it is more important for a player inside the court to be a strong catcher than it is for a player outside the court.

This game is difficult to master, due to its large number of possible moves. Both buttons and the joystick are used to execute plays, and some are quite complicated. Control shifts automatically between the players, and your players can walk, run, jump, catch, pass and duck. As an example, you can execute a running throw by pressing the joystick twice and pressing the "B" button. There are also jumping interceptions (press A and B, then press B in midair). You will need to get the hang of all these moves before you will see anything except for your first opponents.

As if all this wasn't enough to worry about, there are the "special" throws. Many of the players have these special throws, which show up periodically. The throws range from the mundane to some pretty outrageous ones, like the Warp (disappears in midair, only to reappear in front of the opponent), the Psycho (breaks up into multiple balls) and the Breaker (changes direction suddenly). These throws are very difficult to defend against, but don't show up very often.

The animation of the players are quite well-done. When a player is hit, he flies through the air and may tumble in a heap when he lands on the pavement. Facial expressions are properly dazed, and the sequence of the winning team jumping up and down while the losing team sobs is very nice. Unfortunately, the graphics are poor - they flicker, and players tend to disappear behind portions of the court. This is also a difficult and frustrating game because you can't play any of the other teams unless you defeat the first team; and you must always start from the beginning, defeating the same teams over and over again.

If you are into sports games, you may like this one, but be prepared to defeat the All-stars over and over and over...

  • Type: Sports
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Super Dodge Bail reproduces all of the challenge and excitement of the backyard game up to the professional level in a challenging contest of skill against some of the nastiest video athletes around.

Based on a little-seen Taito coin-op, this American Technos-developed title provides multiple options, lots of action, and an interesting ranking system that elevates good players through the ranks of the Super Dodge Ball leagues. A very unique sports entry.

People says:


Super Dodge Ball is not exactly your mainstream kind of game, but in this case that's not a negative While the action may seem repetitive at first, the inclusion of special attack techniques brings a new dimension to the play. SDB has rough graphics and is fairly easy, but it does have some merit.


CSG Imagesoft has cooked up a sports game that doesn't have attractive play mechanics or cool arcade-style play or much of anything to boast about. The game suffers from bad flicker, repetitive game play, and a lack of interesting features. This one got boring very quickly.


Graphically this game is O.K., but it's much too easy with the 'Power' throws. They enable you to wipe out the opposing team, even on the hardest settings, with very little effort. Although it's different from the coin-op version, the ease of play detracts from its overall appear. Worth looking at, however.


I liked Super Dodge Bali a lot in the arcades and I like it even more for the Nintendo, it's a fun game that unfortunately is a little easy thanks to awesome 'Power' throws. The graphics and sounds are decent, but the gameplay makes up for any shortcomings. Super Dodge Ball is different - but good.

Developed by the brains behind Double Dragon, Super Dodge Ball brings all of the fun and strategy of the backyard game up to the profeccional level in a challenging contest of skill against some of the nastiest video athletes around.

Based on the little seen arcade sleeper of the same name, Super Doge Ball is divided into several matches that place the U.S. team (which you represent) against pro teams from around the world. You work you way up through the rankings, using a variety of cpecial moves and power throws, to take on the ultimate opponent - the Russians! Super Dodge Ball is filled with great graphics and plenty of challenge.

The Statue of Liberty serves as the backdrop for the Super Dodge Ball championships!

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