Switchblade 2

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a game by Gremlin
Genre: Action
Platform: Lynx
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Switchblade 2
Switchblade 2
Switchblade 2
Switchblade 2

Switchblade II has switched from the PC to the Lynx. Havoc is back and only Hiro can save Cyberworld in this addicting side-view, horizontally-scrolling adventure. If you're looking for great graphics, great sound, and fast and furious action, don't cut in on this cart. However, if hunting and gathering is what you're after, then Hiro's your hero.

The Sword Is Mightier

On your way to your showdown with evil Havoc, you guide high-hoppin' Hino through six different levels, where he must scale elevated platforms, run across grassy plateaus, or duck under obstacles.

You'll have plenty of battle practice along the way. Your competition is sedentary, but they usually take at least two hits. When you start out, you're armed only with a switchblade that looks more like a machete than a stiletto. However, you really need a can opener to conquer armadas of mechanical enemies.

Don't worry you can buy better armament. Kill off a metal meanie and you get a crystal ball worth money. Some enemies produce higher values than others.

Shop 'Til You Drop

The cash from the crystals is what you need to upgrade your weaponry. In certain sections, like the third section of Level 1, you find an illuminated doorway just "glowing" nated doorway just "glowing" for entry. Once you enter it, you can buy weapons (Beam Laser, Spin Blades, Dragon Will, Napalm, and Missiles), an Extra Life, Full or Half Energy, Ammo, and Info. Don't bother buying the Info. Save the $10.

You can also find some of these items along the way. For example, within the first few seconds of the game, you run across some ammo, which automatically upgrades your weapon to a plasma gun. You must keep finding ammo icons, or it's back to the old switchblade. To increase your energy, load up on food. You'll find delectables, such as Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, to keep you going.

Cut to the Chase

Switchblade IPs above average fun for an above average gamer, even though game play and action are back-to-the-basics hack 'n' slash. Your main move is an extremely high jump. The game doesn't sport tunes, but it has listenable sound effects (a rare, but refreshing, quality).

If you can't live without great graphics and music, then Switchblade II doesn't cut it. But if you just need to cut loose, grab this addicting, but not intense, game. Take a stab at Switchblade II.


  • As soon as you get to Level 2, enter every blue door you find. Behind them lies energy, ammo, and high-scoring crystals.
  • If you need long-range weapons, go for the Spin Blades and Lasers. The Napalm is powerful, but only at dose range.
  • The electric laser beams that extend from the ceiling to the ground in Level 1's Section 4 must be destroyed with the sword. No other weapon will work.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Welcome, Operative Hiro. You have been selected for a mission of utmost importance! An enemy force has taken hold of one of our territories and is preparing for war on our western front. Your mission is to enter the danger zone and eradicate the enemies. Your field support will be minimal, as we cannot spare any manpower. We will supply you with a switchblade sword and a plasma cannon. All other weapons will be found in the field.

For the sake of national security, you must not fail. Additional information regarding your mission follows. We are counting on you to complete this operation! Satellite photographs show that an enormously large tank is stationed near the entrance to area two. Our technicians have discovered one way to defeat this menace with minimal damage: fire to the right while jumping forward over the missiles.

You must invade the enemy stronghold. Laser cannons, spikes and mutants will attempt to hinder you. Sabotage their computer systems and get out! You will take a lot of damage if you are not careful. Acquire weapons at the shop for a better chance of survival. Intelligence reports that the wilderness outpost has a number of powerful weapons to be used, along with a series of deadly traps. Here you'll find the entrance to the enemy's lair.

These are all the details we can spare. You have no time to lose, so depart for your mission immediately. Only by your success and victory will our nation be free of this insidious threat. Please dispose of this file in an appropriate manner. You are dismissed to your duties.

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