The Valiant

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a game by Kite Games
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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The Valiant
The Valiant
The Valiant
The Valiant

When it comes to RTS games, The Valiant is one that I have been excited about for quite some time now. What I like about this is that we are getting some medieval style story here, but with a bit of fantasy sprinkled on top as well. It makes for a really cool premise that has m elegit intrigued to see how it is all going to work out. This is an RTS game, but it is a squad-based style of game where you assemble a team of heroes and they have to really think about how to deal with each enemy encounter.

Falling Into The Wrong Hands!

The story that The Valiant is one of the main reasons that I am so excited about this game. Our main character is a former crusader called, Theoderich who got disillusioned with the brutality of war and tried to step away from it. During one of his missions, he and a “friend” and fellow warrior came across something called The Rod of Aaron, a powerful weapon that is not meant for mortals. His “friend” Ulrich, became obsessed with this and wants to get the rod's power, but this could cause disaster, Theoderich must find other like-minded heroes to join his cause and prevent Ulrich from unleashing chaos.

Hero Up Squaddies!

I bet there are about ten people who get that reference and even then, only about half of you got a chuckle out of it! Anyway, The Valiant has a really cool squad-based element to the gameplay. There are numerous hero squads in the game (they have said over five) and each one has a variety of different units that you can use. These range from more powerful and deadly (but also slower) swordsmen to cavalry units that are great if you want to rush in and do some quick damage. There is a great deal of strategy at play here with how you go about organizing your squad.

Thinking Before You Act

There is a lot to take on board when you play The Valiant. Your heroes can have passive and active skills that they can learn as you progress through the game with a really neat skill tree that offers some great ways to improve your roster. I like this as it offers you a fun way to put your own twist on things. Add to this a fine selection of weapons and items and you have a squad that you can really mold in your own image. While there are a lot of strategic elements at play here, it does not seem overwhelming like some other RTS can be.

Go Alone Or Play With Friends

I will fully admit that the main thing that is appealing to be about The Valiant is that awesome single player campaign which is going to consist of 15 action-packed missions for you to sink your teeth into. However, there is also a very robust multiplayer offering here as well. You can play in 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 PVP battles. I have a friend who is into games like this and I must say I am very interested to see how us teaming up is going to go.


While I feel like we have had many RTS games be released this year, The Valiant is one that I feel is sticking out from the rest. It has your classic medieval style setting that games like this love to use, but the added “fantasy” elements they have are something I think is very cool. I also am loving how deep the gameplay is with a solid progression system, but at the same time, the game appears to be pretty easy to get into.


  • I am loving the story
  • The RTS gameplay here is more focused on being fun than anything else
  • I like the squad-based gameplay too
  • There is a single-player campaign, but also a fun multiplayer here too


  • The medieval thing has been done to death in RTS games
  • Will there be any replay value to the single-player campaign

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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