Tom and Jerry SNES

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a game by Riedel Software Productions
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.2/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Tom and Jerry SNES
Tom and Jerry SNES
Tom and Jerry SNES
Tom and Jerry SNES

Tom and Jerry are at it again! This time the fat cat's gone and abducted Jerry's cousin, Tuffy, and stuffed him in a trunk in the attic. Jerry's got to get up to the attic and let Tuffy out before he runs out of air -- that's a pretty long trek when you're under three inches tall!

A Mouse In the House

High Tech's done big daddy Hanna Barbera proud. Video game Tom and Jerry are spitting images of their cartoon counterparts, and they've got the animated moves to match their good looks.

It's a long, long way to the top, and Jerry starts as low as you can go. The fiasco begins in the basement. From there Jerry works his way up into the kitchen, inside walls and drainpipes, onto the roof, down the chimney, and, finally, across the living room where he makes his final dash to the attic. Add it all up and you have five three-part levels of cat and mousing.


  • Position Jerry just in front of the webs and fire at spiders from a distance.
  • If Jerry must jump off a ledge, don't hold down on the jump button (Button A) too long. If you do, Jerry gets too much ooomph in his jump, and he'll hurt himself when he lands.

High Cholesterol

This adventure's a bit on the "cheesy" side -- and that's a good thing. Cheese bits are hidden throughout the house, Jerry depends on these delicacies for points (50,000 Cheese Bonus points equals an extra life) and to keep his health meter fit. With only three lives, Jerry can't afford not to be a cheese-miser. If you find yourself tempted to forgo that out of the way piece of cheese, think twice. It could mean the difference between life and mouse-mortem.

Using His Marbles

Things look bad for the stunt-mouse. Ordinary household annoyances and common appliances present extraordinary problems. Jerry needs all of his jumping/climbing prowess, which fortunately happens to be both great and easy to control. He spends much of the time trying to avoid hazards such as spider webs and hot embers. When he's not avoiding dangers, he's tossing an endless supply of marbles at an equally deep gang of mini-brutes, including squirrels, bees, and angry spiders. Secret items are available for limited use in very specific circumstances, but finding 'em is your problem!

  • Jerry can pick up two pieces of bubble gum in Stage One. Use one to help him reach the top of the boiler and escape the basement. Save the other to reach some out of the way goodies in Stage Two.
  • Avoid the popping com in the Kitchen by simply malting a beeline, without stopping, straight for the end of the pot and then taking a flying leap right over the Ïaòe. The key is to keep moving.

The Tale of Cat and Mouse

This is one of the few times you'll want a mouse in your house, really. One of the better 8-bit titles out this year, Tom and Jerry offers a decent level of challenge and animation that's worth its weight in cheese. Grab a controller and catch that mouse!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

The classic cat and mouse duo is finally coming to the 16-Bit game scene from Hi-Tech Expressions! Take the controls of Jerry, the witty little mouse that seems to outsmart Tom at every encounter.

Tom has kidnapped the extremely cute Nibbles and it's up to Jerry to save him! Since Tom is a crafty cat, Jerry must travel through some very unlikely places to search for Nibbles. Play through stages like a movie projector, theater, and even a stinky old junkyard.

Jerry can attack enemies by repeatedly jumping on them or throwing marbles that he collects along the way. Pick up cheesebits for points and hunks of cheese to replenish your life meter. Relive the cartoon high jinks all over again!

The classic cat and mouse team are up to their old tricks again! Tuffy, the little mouse with a voracious appetite, is lost far from home. Jerry hears his plea for help and sets off in search of the little tyke.

Tom has also heard the cries and is a constant threat to Jerry and Tuffy.

In this action game, you control Jerry on this mission leading through a house. Collect cheese power-ups and throw bouncing balls to get rid of minor menaces.

SNES gamers who have been chasing their tails in search of a classic cartoon adventure can stop scurrying around. Hi-Tech Expressions presents Tom and Jerry in another cat-versus-mouse action game.

Cheese Business

At first glance, this hop-and-bop game appears to be just a cute game for the younger set that's been derived from the NES version. However, if you're patient, you'll find that Tom and Jerry dish out more action than you'd get at a cat fight.

In this tricky, side-view, multi-scrolling adventure game, you can play Jerry or his little pal Tuffy (in alternating two-player mode). Your goal is simple enough: make your way through four levels -- from the downtown premiere of your new flick, "Tom and Jerry the Movie," to the comforts of your mouse hole. Old Tom, however, has mouse-mashing plans, and he's got a gang of bugs, wind-up monster toys, and assorted creatures to help him.

Your perilous journey takes you through a movie theater, a junk yard, a toy store, and your house. You must gather Marbles to throw at Tom's gang, Cheese Bits to rack up points towards extra lives, and Cheese Wedges to restore your life meter.

Jerry needs all the help he can get, because this game is tough. You start out with five lives, which disappear quickly, and there are no continues.

Creatures attack you from the air and from the ground. Watch your step, too! If you fall from too high a spot, you lose an entire life.


  • In the movie theater, you reach a point in the Projection Boom where it seems as though you can't jump any further. First, pummel the windup monster with marbles. Then continue to jump on the lower film strip's projector until you eventually spring to the upper level of film.
  • To beat Tom in the third part of Level 1, stand to the left of the screen just before you see his head pop up. Then, throw marbles at his head. Ten good shots and he's a goner.
  • To reach some ledges, you must make a running start before you leap.

Fine Don't Lose Your Marbles

As in the NES game, Marbles are your defense. You toss them overhead at flying enemies and along the ground at crawling critters. If all else fails, jump on your opponents or avoid them altogether by jumping over them. Because Jerry is easy to control, avoiding dangers is sometimes the easiest way to avoid damage.

Furry Graphics & Sounds

Tom and Jerry's graphics are cartoon cute. The lovable characters are at their TV finest, and the colors are crisp. As for the music, it's unobtrusive and blends in well with the game play.

  • When traveling through the Movie Theater just before you reach Tom, keep your sled tip up and keep hopping. You'll avoid most enemies that way. You only need to keep at least one life to make it to the next stage.
  • If time is running out, don't try to grab all the Cheese Bits. Instead, go to the end of the level.

Calling All Cheese Burners

Tom and Jerry is cute, but challenging. At first, the action seems a little mousey, but you'll be hard-pressed to get through this game. You'll take to this game like a feline to catnip, whether you're a die-hard Tom and Jerry fan or you just like to play cat and mouse.

Speaking of cats and mice, Tom and Jerry are about to go Nintendo! Yes, the troublesome twosome causes more manic mayhem than ever before in their very own single player 8-bit adventure titled, what else, Tom and Jerry. In this hyper-action game, Jerry must rescue his buddy, Tuffy, who's locked up in the attic -- guess who put him there?! The search begins down in the basement. From there Jerry must work his way through the kitchen, out the window onto a tree limb, then up onto the roof. And that's only the beginning. Then he must slide down the chimney, scurry through the living room, and, finally, sneak up into the attic. It sounds simple, but it's no mean task when you're just few a inches tall, and you've got a cat and countless other creatures, including Flies, Bats, and Squirrels, hot on your tail! Can Jerry outwit Tom and save his pal or will he get nipped by a cat?

The comic violence of Tom and Jerry has been woefully toned down throughout the years. The original cartoons, made as theatrical shorts, moved. They were action-packed and true works of animation. Times have changed, thanks to parental watchdogs. Just look at the latest incarnations of the cartoon duo on syndicated television markets--the two rarely go at one another's throats! To see the "real" Tom and Jerry in action, watching the original shorts is mandatory.

Classic Tom and Jerry isn't what you'll find in the SNES's Tom & Jerry because, like the modern-day cartoon, it severely lacks the action worthy of the cat and mouse's origins. The Tom and Jerry trademark aside, the game play itself is mediocre. It's a real disappointment, especially when that recent SNES title based on another famous 'toon pair. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Death Valley Rally, is brought in for comparison.

Tom & Jerry boasts 11 stages, which sounds impressive, but each one is short in length. Actually, the game is divided into just four levels, each consisting of a few of these stages. Jerry is the star here, with Tom taking on cameos at the end of every level as the "end boss." Jerry's baby nephew, Tuffy, costars as the second player, but two cannot play simultaneously. It's simply time-sharing between Jerry and Tuffy, as two gamers alternate after the other's turn.

The plot concerns Jerry, who needs to travel home from the movie theater. He runs and jumps onto various types of platforms; he throws marbles at enemies; he picks up bits of cheese for points, whole slices for extra life energy; he completes the stage by coming to the exit sign at the end. After going through two or three stages, it's time to pound poor Tom silly.

Level 1 is set in the movie theater; Level 2 at a junkyard; Level 3 in a toy shop; and Level 4, back at home. These settings invite action-filled possibilities, but only the boss screens with Tom present situations that are derived from the classic cartoon shorts. In the theater, Tom's head looms in the background as he drops sandbags onto Jerry. The cat tries to do in his mouse adversary with a crane and magnet in the junkyard, and sends out toy robots in the toy store level. The final screen has Jerry sending Tom off to the moon by slipping a firecracker into his paw.

With the exception of Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, the graphics are simplistic. The three look like animated characters who happen to be trapped in a boringlooking video game. The music mangles the "Tom & Jerry" theme into unrecognizability--painful to hear, especially since it comes out in stereo.

Regarding play value, Tom & Jerry is on the easy side. Apparently the game was designed with young children in mind, but there are better-designed SNES titles of this gaming difficulty, featuring more for the player to do--Magical Quest, for one. The comic conflicts between Tom and Jerry should be the essence of this game, but, except for the four boss screens, they are, sadly, missing.

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