Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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a game by Core
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 12 votes
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Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Walkthrough - Part 1

The Tomb Of Seth

Follow the torch-bearing man until he lowers a block. Stick your hand inside the hole and trace back your steps to collect the golden object. When you arrive at a room with a similar piece, wait until your guide sets off the blade trap to pick it up. Combine both objects in your inventory and slot them in the hole to your right. Carry on to the tiled room and pull the chain. To light the torches in the right order, jump from lighted tile to lighted tile, first right, then up, left, and up again. Join the guide once more until he runs off, place the sand clock you've just picked up into the statue's hands, head back and crawl into the sphinx's mouth.

Burial Chambers

Pick up the Hand of Orion and jump through the spike traps and down a slope where you can place the object in a hole in the wall. At the sarcophagus, pick up the Amulet of Thorns and follow the streams of blood into a room with a statue in the centre. Push the statue onto a blue-and-red square on the floor and follow the corridor. Pick up the golden serpent and escape through the open gate on the wall. Slide down and sprint to the left to avoid the spikes and wait until the room fills with sand. Go back to the main cave, head up the stone steps and turn left to cross the bridge. Drop down the hole, head under the spikes, climb the blocks and pull the lever. Go through the freshly opened gate and keep going to the next lever, which rotates the main room. Return there, slide to the floor and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Go where there's a hole in the wall in front and below you, and go in. Pull the lever and head back to climb up to the star-shaped hole. Put the Hand of Sirius there, collect another golden serpent and enter the temple doorway. Use the snakes in the slots to get out.

Valley Of The Kings

Kill every bugger in sight, one of which will drop a set of keys you can use to drive the jeep. It's not a race against the other car, so just follow the track.


Keep driving until you get to the closed gate. Get out of the jeep, kill the tuareg and climb to the top of the right-hand scaffolding. Jump across to the other side using the rope and then jump onto the lever. Get back in the jeep and drive on up a slope, avoiding the spike balls, then carry on, sticking to the right side as much as possible.

Temple Of Karnak

When Lara looks to her right through the doorway, climb up, press the buttons in the holes in the wall and pick up Canopic jar 1. Head back out into the open and climb the ruins to your left to find an opening in the ground. Shimmy across one of the empty pools and press the button on the raised platform. Go through the newly opened door and you'll end up between two statues. Put the jar behind the one on your right, climb through an opening in the wall and head back to the doorway flanked by columns from the beginning. There another door will have opened to the next level.

The Great Hypostyle Hall

Run outside, climb through the hole and down the long corridor. Jump over the pit and keep going.

The Sacred Lake

In the water you'll find two holes, go down the one with the slab over it by pulling the lever beneath the gate. In the room with the mirror, swim up to the hole to find Canopic jar 2, then go down the second hole at the bottom of the lake. This takes you back to the Temple of Karnak where you can put the second jar in the back of the other statue. Swim into the tunnel, push the button and get the Sun Goddess statue and the Hypostyle key.

Now head all the way back to the tall, thin column and to the Hypostyle Hall. Climb into the narrow tunnel and use your key to enter the next room. Get to the lever on the right-hand wall and go up to the second hail. Go down to the three rooms containing lightning rods. You need to make them all face the spiked pillar. Climb up and make the rods face the central pillar. Go back down, pull the chain and combine the golden rock with the statue you already have. Drop down the hole back to the sacred lake and put the statue in the middle of the island. Enter the middle door.

The Tomb Of Semerkhet

Avoid the roaches by hanging on to the ceiling. Take the piece of wood and light it before going down, activating the hole buttons and going back to the centre level. Go down the hole, take steps left, climb up the ladder and then stand in front of the three flames. Do the one on the right, then the centre, then go to the new room, work your way through the buttons and swing out. Get the rules, read them and play by jumping on the tiles of the appropriate colour, moving a piece at a time. Get to the room with three mirrors, go to the room above and block the light by moving the stones onto the corresponding colour tile.

Guardian Of Semerkhet

Go left in the map room, pull the wheel and run across before the door closes. Get the Golden Vraeus, put in the triangle on the wall of the map room, get the guardian key and use it to get to the corridor below. Pull the lever and get away from the beast, shimmy across the ceiling into the corridor and examine each flame hole twice. Go down and make the beast smash the door by jumping before he hits you, then get him to charge into the pillars.


It's a case of jumping across carriages and killing all the ninjas. At the end, use the crowbar on the lever socket.


Talk to your friend with the bad French accent in the main house, jump on to the orange tiled roof and drop on to the lever.

Coastal Ruins

Shoot your way into the fun house, get the crossbow by looking in the mirror at the floor and use the explosive ammo with it in the shooting range. Grab the coin and use it on the fair machine, go up, take the broom handle and the hook and combine them to get the keys from the keys near the entrance. Go out and keep going past the water and use the key on the gate.


Press the button and go back to the hanging boulder in the level before and into the pit beneath it. Light the torch and enflame the rope. Go down and use the crowbar on the gate. Drag the pillar on to the brown tile and head back to the catacombs.

Push the block into the corridor as far as you can, reunite the ghost with its body by running into the other room, climb down the bamboo pole and pull the lever. Swing across and through the water. Keep pulling levers and jumping on to ledges until another ghost attacks you. Exorcise it by swimming into one of the side rooms. Make your way to the Trident (you'll find another one higher up) and follow the tunnel to the start of the level. Climb down and find the third and fourth Trident and use the crowbar on the gate. Get back to the catacombs, slide down and go up the white steps.

Temple Of Poseidon

Take the small door straight ahead out of the five to use the Trident on a statue. Do the same with the rest, make it to the coffin chamber and open the middle coffin.

The Lost Library

Take the second door on the left and kill all knights by shooting them in their gem hearts. The one on a horse will leave his behind. Take it and put it in the slot a few rooms behind. Now head back, collecting the star from the middle pillar and take the right-hand door to the room with the big cog and swim down for more stars. Head back to the start of the level and enter the door nearest the giant vase. Put the three stars in their slots and put all the planets in the circles on the floor (blue in the middle, then grey, green, brown and gold in the final ring). Push down the first statue and then walk round clockwise doing the rest, making sure the fire spirit doesn't get you on your way to the balcony of the first room. Go right and drop down the monkey's nose until you're hanging off its lip and go into its mouth. Get the Pharaoh's pillar, stand on the two grates to light the pedestals and light the torch. Throw it on to the wooden floor, grab the music scroll and make your way back to the harp, which you should then play.

Hall Of Demetrius

Drag the lantern in front of the slope. Now go to the coastal ruins and swim through an underwater tunnel into the next level.

Pharaohs, Temple Of Isis

Put the pillar in the left side of the temple and the knot in the right side. Swim down the open door, open the three green doors and use the crowbar on the two beetles in the walls near the big statue. Go down the hole, get the winding key and push the panel on the left. Go back to where you killed a Pharaoh bird and use the beetles on the black pyramid you'll eventually get to. Slide into the gasoline and get two more beetles before you're set alight. Place the unbroken one on the pyramid, collect another beetle and repeat the process, and go to the set of steps near the beginning to get the last scarab. Many acrobatics later, put it in its slot in the pyramid, get the mechanical scarab, combine it with the winding key and go back to where you found the last one.

Cleopatra's Palace

Put the beetle in the space on the floor and run behind the insect to avoid the spikes. Get it back and pick up the Gauntlet from the casket further on. Head back to the hall and repeat the process with the next set of spikes. Jump and grab on to the lever up on the wall, shimmy along and get the Right Greave from another casket. Go through the doors that have opened and get the Pharaoh's knot from yet another casket. Go out and left to the semicircular steps where you can place the knot. Climb on to the block after the bronze Lara has appeared, and protect it from the bird. Pull the two switches at the top, get the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle, combine them and place the resulting Portal Guardian on top of the pole. After killing the guardians, you'll find the Left Greave and the Breast Plate.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


What can I say about The Last Revelation that I haven't said before, or a year before that, or a year before that, all the way back to my review of the first Tomb Raider? As we've come to expect, this latest sequel doesn't try hard to break new ground. The gal has learned some new moves--namely, the ability to shimmy around corners and swing on ropes. You even glimpse Teen Jailbait Lara in the training level. But control is as clunky as ever. Fortunately, TR4 doesn't force you to fight your joypad as much as the previous two sequels. As in the original, you face fewer enemies and not nearly as many swinging blades and other lethal obstacle courses that would otherwise put blisters on top of the calluses you got playing TR3. This game's more about exploration and puzzle solving. Trouble is, you're forced into frequent backtracking during several levels, which act as hubs to nearby stages. Later puzzles are ruthless; you'll do a lot of croaking and reloading before you figure 'em out. The game is riddled with glitches and feels rushed. And don't even get me started on those frig-gin' scarab beetles. TR4 isn't without its great moments; the train level and a puzzle that works like a stone-age version of the boardgame Sorry! are just a couple. But--and this is just a fact of life--too much of the same 'ol thing gets ho-hum.


Tomb Raider has never been a game that I've been able to get into. What hurts TR most is its clunky, overly complex control scheme. I had to stop and ask myself, "Why does this control this way? Why am I fighting the controls this much?" That kind of thing has plagued a lot of 3D games in the past, but while others have adopted tighter control and better cameras, TR hasn't. Get around the control and this is an OK game, but it needs a serious overhaul.

7's better than the last one, but this is yet another example that just goes to show that we don't need to see these franchise games every year. It's more than apparent that the old idea well is running a bit dry at Core, and while the graphics are improved and the story more focused than last time-you can't help but feel that this was rushed out. Some of the puzzles don't seem thought through properly, and there are still control issues.


Brian Wilson once sang, "'s so sad to see a sweet thing die..." and that's exactly what's happened to Lara Croft. True, TR4 is better than TR3, but the game still has major problems. Controls have not evolved; Lara's still a pain to move around, and this becomes especially obvious in certain areas of TR4 where bad controls make you want to snap the disc in half. If TR4 hadn't been rushed out the door, Eidos could have salvaged a game out of this mess.

For whatever reason, the fourth Tomb Raider game isn't to be known as Tomb Raider 4. Absolutely not. Suggest it to anyone involved with the project and they pull a funny face and then explain that sticking a number after a big game name isn't a great idea. It doesn't seem to have done Lara any harm in the past though. Tomb Raider 3--by far the crappiest installment so far is apparently the biggest seller by quite a considerable margin. Ho hum. Tomb Raider guru and Core Design big-wig Adrian Smith explained the logic in a recent interview with "In essence, in TLR, we want to capture a lot of new PlayStation users and introduce them to the Tomb Raider series of games," he begins. "People are normally fairly skeptical when they know it's the fourth or the third or even the second in the series. They feel they need to go and buy the first one. It's just really something we've wanted to overcome in The Last Revelation.

We wanted to make this game appeal to the core users who enjoyed playing the Tomb Raider series and also to completely new users. What we're trying to say is, 'This is the definitive Tomb Raider.' This is the combination of the first three games with elements that will tell the history and explain why Lara is who she is today."

Sounds like marketing talk to us. Call it whatever you will though, taking a closer look at the most recent playable version of the game reveals that things have taken a step up in terms of quality this time. While Tomb 3 seemed to lack focus and sprawled all over the place in a series of "set pieces," The Last Revelation seems very cohesive.

All set in Egypt, it takes Lara back to a far more Indiana Jones style setting with cramped interiors and cunning puzzles. "The gameplay in Tomb Raider III was changed," explains Smith. "Some say for the better, some say for the worse. We've actually reverted back to what we think Tomb Raider should be, which is more in line with TRi. We've also made this one a sort of epic adventure. It isn't Lara jetsetting around different locations. We've chosen one location, and the whole game takes place there." Also significant this time around is the fact that we get a lot more characterization this time. We get to learn about Lara's history and some of the important influences in her life. Smith explains "the training level (at the very beginning of the game) takes place in Cambodia and is a 'flashback'that is used to introduce Lara's mentor, Von Croy. It's also to re-introduce Lara herself at the age of 16 years. The 16-year-old version of Lara is not a 'feature' of The Last Revelation but is used as a means to tell both old and new users more about her history and the reasons why she is an adventurer today. Von Croy has the same moves as Lara and teaches her how to perform all of them both old and new." Playing the early version of the game also reveals that Lara herself looks and acts a lot better than she has before. The dual analog control system from Tomb 3 is back, but it seems to have been refined somewhat, and Lara now seems to look and feel a lot more like she's "within" the environment. She crawls about, steps over things, pulls herself up ropes and she can even twist around mid-jump to make combat more controllable. She looks much better too...gone are the polygonal sharp edges of her past--now she's all smooth and curvy... smoother and curvier than in Tomb 3 thanks to a fancy graphical technique that lets the artists wrap the graphics around her like a skin.

For the real hard-core Tomb Raider fans, we've also got word of how the save system is going to work this time. This has been a hot topic of debate throughout the series with chops and changes between unlimited save and specific save points. Impatient or inexperienced players will be pleased to hear that TLR features a return to the "save anywhere" philosophy of Tomb Raider 2. Several thousand of you will no doubt be groaning at that particular revelation...but it seems Core and Eidos are trying to be as friendly as possible with all of the gameplay mechanics this time.

Another year, another Tomb Raider from Core Design. Despite not being as well-received as the first two games, Tomb Raider 3 was surprisingly the most successful game in the series so far, racking up some impressive sales figures. Lara's return was inevitable, but thankfully things look like they're going to be quite different this time. The levels are now far more linear and don't spread across the world in quite the same way as TR3. We've also found that the graphical style of the locations has a lot in common with those found in Eidos stable-mate Soul Reaver, Textures in the environments are all drawn with similar colors and Shades to give the game a more detailed and less garish appearance. There are some groovy lighting effects too. Along with this, Lara herself looks much better as we find her drawn using a technique called "skinning" that wraps textures around the polygons and makes them look smoother. Look out for Lara before the end of the year.

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