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You can play as either Asterix or Obelix. You make your way through platform levels, fighting enemies by punching them, and jumping to access higher ares or to avoid falling down.
Bubba N Stix is a action strategy game. You control Bubba, a long necked redneck, equipped with his weapon-like pal Stix, a small fella who acts like a cross between a billy club and a boomerang when held in Bubba's hands.
Cyber-Cop is a first person shooter that requires you to think things through rather than just attack anything that moves.

Tomb Raider: Chronicles

Lara Croft is dead. At least that's what Eidos is hinting at for this next Tomb Raider installment.

Fighting Force

So why hasn't anyone developed a 3-D, go-anywhere version of Final Fight/Double Dragon yet?

Fighting Force 64

Fighting Force delivers unparalleled action and tons of attack moves in a fully progressive 3D environment. Smash through an anti-tank barricade, pick up a rocket launcher and torch incoming enemies or knock over a vending machine or fuel tanker to..
Nintendo 64

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a huge game and will give you hours upon hours of play.

BC Racers

BC Racers tries to create a racing simulation by mixing the usual elements of games of this genre with the “prehistoric” theme.
Sega Genesis

Tomb Raider 3

A notable chart topper every year since the PlayStation was launched, it would be safe to assume that Tomb Raider 3 stands a pretty good chance of being.

Fighting Force 2

One, the game looks great so far and two, the gameplay is virtually nothing like the first Fighting Force.


A variety of mutated animals and humans fill each level. Luckily, you'll have a number of high-tech weapons with which to eliminate the bad guys. Help Saul become the Wolf Child and save his father.
Sega Genesis SNES

Chuck Rock

In Chuck Rock you must guide Chuck Rock through five stages of prehistoric pitfalls and perils in order to rescue his wife Ophilia from the clutches of Gary Gritters.
Sega Genesis SNES

Asterix and the Power of The Gods

You guide Asterix through various levels. You can jump, run, and defeat your enemies by spinning and hitting them.
Sega Genesis

Chuck Rock 2

This is the continuation of Chuck's adventures. Six new levels with perfect graphics, you act as the first part's main hero’s absolutely young son.
Sega Genesis

Skeleton Krew

Skeleton Krew is an isometric shooter that has you choosing between three members of the deadly organization: Spine, Joint, and Rib.
Sega Genesis