VR Stalker

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a game by Developed by Morpheus Interactive
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Being the first aircombat simulator for a home system is a big responsibility. Although it doesn't live up to the highest 3DO standards, VR Stalker is a solid shooter with an interesting plot.

It Could Happen

The United States is under siege, and you've been recruited by the underground resistance to defend your country! L.A. and New York have already been destroyed, so you must battle the enemy through 15 tough levels to increase the peace. Under the code name Stalker, you choose from a number of realistic contemporary planes and dogfight in a VR Simulator pod (so you don't get your head blown off for real).

The plot's good, and the graphics make it seem more true to life. Realistic explosions and take-off sequences highlight this CD's visuals. Once you're flying, however, VR looks like an ordinary flight simulator, with little action and undefined polygon backgrounds.

Hear Me Now

VR's stereo sound effects and original soundtrack are two of its best features. Unfortunately, the introductory narrative is barely understandable.

Considering the complexity of most flight games, VR's controls are rather easy to learn. Once you've mastered them, however, they don't perform accurately enough in the heat of combat. You'll be crashin' and burnin' more often than you should.

Since new, interesting titles are constantly coming out for the 3DO, you might want to wait before investing in VR Stalker. It's okay, but air-combat simulators that provide more excitement must be warming up on a runway somewhere.


  • Locking on a target can be very tricky. To conserve missiles, lock on both targets before bring
  • Take advantage of the view-changing option. Use the view that you're most comfortable with.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


There haven't been all that many good flight sims on the console market. VR Stalker is by far one of the better looking ones around. The full-motion video segments are a little bit overblown, but a few of them are really nice looking. The actual game is a little bit slow, and the radar is misleading at times. One really good feature is the choice of three planes. Each one plays differently. If flight sims are your thing, try VR


I've always been a fan of flight sims and VR Stalker delivers. The more planes to choose from, the better, and VR Stalker dishes out three incredible planes. The control is tight, which is what you need for a flight sim. The opening cinemas are okay, but I've seen better cinemas in SWC. The real test lies in the game and VR Stalker is not for players who want blistering shoot-'em-ups, this requires strategy.


Well, VR Stalker was very impressive from the beginning with its full-motion, computer-generated animation sequence. It was something to see, but when it got down to the game, I said, "What happened7!" It was so hyped from the opening cinema that I was let down because it didn't play that well. Flying the planes was tough and at times it was difficult to tell where you were. For serious flight sim fans.


VR Stalker is a cool game right from the start. The graphics and the sounds are the good quality you'd expect from 3DO, but the game play is a little hard to get used to. The story line is interesting but it is somewhat thin on details. The opening cinemas will initially draw you in. but as you play through the game it gets a little repetitive. This is one game that looks very impressive but doesn't quite play as well.

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