World War III: Black Gold

a game by REALITY PUMP Sp. z o.o.
Platform: PC
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Don't know about you lot, but those of us old enough to remember the paranoid '80s, with those ridiculous-yet-frightening public information films, movies like When The Wind Blows and The Day After, and of course CND, may like to know that hot on the heels of Operation Flashpoint comes another game aiming to have us ripping doors off their hinges and painting the windows white. This time it's a strategy offering and it goes by the no-messin' title of World War III.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see mushroom clouds on the 3D horizon, we've yet to hear whether nuclear weapons will be an insane tactical option for players - unless you count weapons of mass destruction' as such. However, there will be an arsenal of far more visually impressive chemical and biological weapons, which should provide a first for computer games, as well see soldiers coughing up their stomachs into their gasmasks while the civilian population run around screaming as their blistering skin peels to the ground and their eyeballs flap about their cheeks like coddled eggs. Well, maybe not.

Anyway, rather than set the game in such a paranoid decade as the '80s, WWIII will be staged more-or-less in modem times, the flashpoint being a fictional second Gulf War that escalates into a full global conflict. Soldiers that survive the germs and gases of modem warfare will pick up experience points throughout the game and like developer TopWare's previous RTS titles - Earth 2150 and The Moon Project - the game campaign will be hilly dynamic, with theatres opening up across Europe. Asia and America. Civilians too will have an effect on gameplay along with seasonal weather - nuclear winter not withstanding - and true day/night cycles. Stick a few nukes in and we'll be sorted.

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