WWE Wrestlemania XIX

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a game by Yuke's Co. Ltd.
Genre: Sports
Platform: GameCube
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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WWE Wrestlemania XIX
WWE Wrestlemania XIX
WWE Wrestlemania XIX
WWE Wrestlemania XIX

Secret Missions for Men in Tights

To finish up our wrestling doubleheader, here's the skinny on thwacking oiled-down hunks in the comfort of the secret Warehouse level of Revenge mode! When you defeat Vince McMahon in the WrestleMania XIX Hall, it is replaced with the Warehouse in the Revenge mode Mission menu. These six missions are additional fun challenges that you can play through. Finish them to unlock an additional playable boss character.

Mission #1

Goal: Use the ladder to grab more cases than your opponent! Conditions for Completion: Several briefcases hang overhead. Use the ladder to reach and grab them.

Time Limit: 5 minutes Enemies Faced: Worker Treat this mission like a Ladder match with several prizes hanging above the ground. That means you need to beat down the worker, place the ladder directly underneath a swinging case, and climb up quickly to grab your prize. Do not waste your time wondering who might have bothered to affix those briefcases to the ceiling--that path leads to madness, and madness leads to poor hygiene.

Mission #2

Goal: Climb the pole and grab the case before time runs out. Conditions for Completion: Use the pole to reach the case swinging high overhead within the time limit.

Time Limit: 10 minutes Enemies Faced: Security Officer Despite the fact that it's a rather tall pole, there's only one weak enemy standing in the way of your success, so this mission is pretty simple. Of course, if someone had greased the pole, it'd be a different story.

Mission #3

Goal: Climb the chains and grab the case before time runs out. Conditions for Completion: Use the swinging chains to reach the case within the time limit. Time Limit: 10 minutes Enemies Faced: Worker Moving chains are harder to navigate than a single pole, but otherwise, this is the exact same mission as #3. Use the Y button to swing from chain to chain. The best way to reach the case is to watch the chains as they move and climb up one that's heading toward the case.

Mission #4

Goal: Use the ladder and grab the case before time runs out. Conditions for Completion: Fight off a random Superstar and a Security Officer Ladder-match-style to reach the case hanging high above the ground.

Time Limit: 10 minutes Enemies Faced: Random Superstar, Security Officer Treat this mission like a Handicap Ladder match. Knock the wind out of your opponents, set up the ladder, and grab that case. But watch out: The metal grating below the case can be smashed through if you perform too many power moves on it! Falling through the grate is an instant mission failure and a devastating social faux pas.

Mission #5

Goal: You've been challenged to a little friendly competition. Conditions for Completion: Use the ladder to reach three cases before your opponent does.

Time Limit: 10 minutes Enemies Faced: Random Superstar Like previous missions, this is essentially a Ladder match, where the Superstar who snags the most cases at the end of the time limit is the winner. Use your Ladder match skills to win--knock your opponent silly, set up the ladder on the metal grating at the top of the stairs, and snag case after case as they swing by!

Mission #6: Boss Fight

Goal: Get the case within the time limit. Conditions for Completion: Ascend the level and climb the pole to reach the case, which is swinging from a chain, before time runs out. Time Limit: 10 minutes Enemies Faced: Security Officer, Champ Bomber Head Although you're facing two opponents (and one of them is the boss, Champ Bomber Head), this is basically the same mission as all of the other Warehouse missions, just a bit more challenging. Clearing Mission #6 unlocks Champ Bomber Head as a playable character for Exhibition matches.


So, you've earned tons of cash in Revenge mode, you've unlocked all of the hidden characters and stages, but you still want more? Well, that's what ShopZone is for. Here, you can use your hard-earned Revenge cash to unlock new Create parts for your Superstar, as well as more moves, more weapons, more entrance features, and more Global Ability points.


From the Parts submenu of the ShopZone menu, you can purchase new Create parts for your created Superstars, from hairstyles to spandex-based ring attire. If you see a '?' in the Appearance submenus while creating a Superstar, it's because that option is still locked away in the ShopZone. Purchase it to unlock it.


The Entrances submenu of the ShopZone menu has various options for a created Superstar's entrance. Choose from Animations (the way a Superstar moves during his entrance) or Effects (camera views, pyrotechnics, and other production effects).


In the Moves submenu, you'll find unlockable individual moves, as well as move templates of existing Superstars that allow you to use all of that Superstar's moves for your own Superstar. If you've been looking for that Shining Wizard, here it is!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Since X8 failed to fully reach superstar status, THQ has a complete overhaul planned for the next WrestleMania. Changes start with more realistic wrestlers (in both their outward appearances and in-ring attributes) and trickle down to the gameplay mechanics. For instance, expect a greater emphasis on grappling and reversals, as in the N64 classic No Mercy (woo-hoo!), and less of the arcade, twitch-fest feel of the PS2's Smackdown! series.


XIXs simulation roots force you to learn a superstar's true-to-life strengths and weaknesses, so, for example, prepare to master high-flyin' Rey Mysterio's acrobatic maneuvers, because his punches are worthless against the big boys. And when you inflict enough damage on opponents, they'll now accurately reflect their agony by sporting bloody noses or limping across the mat. Also, XIXs Story mode is not about winning the title (that's in the Path of a Champion mode), but rather regaining your professional wrestling status. Defeat competitors at construction sites and shipping yards as well as the WWE headquarters, and Mr. McMahon will be forced to issue your reinstatement.

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