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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Take control of the legendary hero Hercules and his friends Iolaus and Serena as they attempt to stop Ares from completing his diabolical plans. Use each character's unique attributes: Hercules' legendary strength, Iolaus' nimble nature and Serena'..
Nintendo 64


Does Scotland intrigue you? Do castles inspire you? Does the need to solve mysteries and puzzles run through your blood?


Buckle up and brace yourself as you take the wheel of a tricked-out, asphalt-kicking, supercharged Roadster. Hurtle around one of ten different adrenaline-pumping tracks at 200 MPH. Feel the wind tearing your hair from its roots. Knock elbows with ..
Nintendo 64

Uncle Henry's Playhouse

Puzzles include two from _The 11th Hour- -- The Amazing Labyrinth and Blood & Honey -- and Cursed Coins from Clandestiny (similar to the board game Othello).


You are controlling a young wizard who has to complete several Jump'n Run-levels. Enemies are defeated by using different spells that can be found throughout the levels.

Lamborghini: American Challenge

The objective of the game is to become the undisputed champion of illegal races in the U.S.A.. To do so, the player must race against a group of computer controlled opponents in a variety of illegal races across the country.

Virtual Chess 64

Transform your N64 into a powerful chess adversary. The most awesome chess engine adapts to any skill level. Learning is endless fun yet even superb players face the maximum challenge. Brilliant graphics brings this classic game alive. Become the n..
Nintendo 64


It is a puzzle game where you have to guide a varying number of Brainies of four different colors onto a spot that matches their color.


Explore prehistoric land in blockbusting dinosaur-age puzzle.

Bandits: Phoenix Rising

I've been over vehicular-combat games for a while now.

The Blues Brothers

You must guide Jake and Elwood through five side-view, multi-directional scrolling stages to reach the performance on time.

Blues Brothers 2000

The newly freed Elwood scours the Windy City to find and rescue all the members of his band. Gather enough notes along the way to build an impressive repertoire for the ultimate Battle of the Bands. The more songs you learn, the more secrets you un..
Nintendo 64

Power Piggs of the Dark Age

Power Piggs of the Dark Age is a side-scrolling action Super NES game that takes place during the Dark Ages. As a group of humanoid pigs, the object is to defeat a warlord who happens to be a humanoid wolf.

Triple Play Baseball

They use the same style as the other two games but with an added wrinkle.

Automobili Lamborghini

Lay rubber through spectacular landscapes with Titus's Automobili Lamborghini! Six first-class circuits wind though mountains, past waterfalls and under ancient ruins. Great graphics effects, including light flares on your windshield, will take you..
Nintendo 64