a game by Titus
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
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Incantation is okay for beginners, but veterans should look elsewhere for good platform action.

As a magician's apprentice, you explore forests, caves, and swamps for spells and gold while avoiding easy enemies. The traps are basic; the bosses big, slow lugs. The one-button control is too reminiscent of 8-bit games.

The sound effects and weak music add little, and the graphics are cartoony. We need new 16-bit titles, but Incantation isn't one you'll remember long.


  • Nail the Stage Three boss as you dodge the rocks he drops on you.
  • Shoot the spheres the Stage One boss throws, and then run toward him so he jumps over you.

Game Reviews

Incantation was made so late in the lifetime of the Super NES (1996), where you are controlling a young wizard who has to complete several Jump'n Run-levels. Enemies are defeated by using different spells (have different ranges and attack power) that can be found throughout the levels. Before a level can be completed, a certain number of items has to be collected, and at the end of some levels, a boss-fight awaits the wizard.

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