Felix the Cat

Download Felix the Cat and join the world's most famous feline on a whimsical adventure! Use your magical bag of tricks to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and rescue your beloved Kitty. The fun-filled quest awaits – play now!
a game by Hudson Soft, and Shimada Kikaku
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: NESNES (1992), GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7.1/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 8 votes
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Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat

OK, Gang, it's time for a history quiz. Who was Charles Lindbergh's mascot for his famous transatlantic solo flight in the Spirit of St. Louis? Here's a hint: he was also the first image broadcast over television from the RCA Laboratories, and later he became the familiar test pattern at the opening and closing of NBC's broadcast. Need one more hint? He's also the star of a new game out this month from Hudson Soft. Those of you who've cheated and looked at the title of this article already know the answer: Felix the Cat!

Feline Fine

Since his first appearance in 1922, Felix the Cat and his magical bag of tricks have become one of the most lovable cartoons in the world. In Felix the Cat for the NES, Hudson Soft dips into Felix's bag and comes up with magic. This side-scrolling action game is superb!

In an attempt to rescue Felix's girlfriend, Kitty, from his longtime foe the Professor, you play Felix on a quest through nine areas with multiple rounds. Other familiar cartoon folks that'll set your feline fur on end are Poindexter, Rock Bottom, Master Cylinder and Gulpo, King of the Blobs. They appear in varying forms at the end of each round.

ProTip: Some birds are friendly, and they allow you to ride on their backs.

Cat Head Collection

Felix's only defense in this game is his magic bag. You begin the game with one Magic Item, a punching glove. To reach a higher level of magic, you've gotta collect the Felix heads that are scattered throughout the game. For every 10 Felix heads you collect, Kitty drops you a magic heart. If you catch the heart, you gain a new Magic Item.

You've gotta keep a watchful eye on the status of your Magic Item. It only lasts a limited time. To make it last longer, you can grab milk bottles that appear when you collect five Felix heads.

Shoot at the "F" circles repeatedly and they turn into 1-ups!

That Cat Can Accessorize

Felix makes you master a variety of skills. You use different Magic Items depending upon the round you're in. In some rounds, Felix pilots airships, including a hot air balloon and a biplane. In other areas, Felix gets his fur wet by steering a paddle boat and riding a dolphin. Then it's time to hold your breath as Felix tries his paw at scuba diving in the underwater rounds. There are so many places with unique Magic Items that the game never gets boring.

  • To defeat the first Ross, Poindexter, stay close to him while you attack with your magic item and his basketballs will fly over you.
  • Sometimes using the second best magic item works more effectively in close-up cat-fights.

Paper or Plastic?

Felix is full of special bonus rooms that contain a load of Felix heads and sometimes offer a shortcut to the end of the round. The rooms are found inside magic bags that are hidden throughout the game. When you're running low on magic hearts, the bonus rooms can be as fun as catnip! Be careful, though, you should always keep your eye on the time to make sure that Felix doesn't pass his limit by spending too much time looking for bonus rooms.

Look for bonus room magic bags above a springboard or buried in the brick.

A Feast for the Eyes

Felix the Cat sports some of the coolest graphics you've ever seen on an 8-bit system. Big characters and a cartoony style create the illusion that this is a playable cartoon. Detailed animation and special touches, like bubbles underwater, trees with eyes that follow you in the forest, and Poindexter's spinning basketball, all lend to Felix's all-you-can-eat visual buffet. Another fine touch is the animated end-of-area scenes that show Felix revealing his alley cat ancestry by wallowing in misery over his lost Kitty.

The controls for the game are easy to pick up. Maneuvering through the flying and the swimming stages is a little tricky, but nothing that a keen cat can't handle.

Defeat Gulpo on Round 4-3 of Felix World by staying behind the barrier and inching out to shoot.

A Kinder, Gentler Game

One important thing to note about the Felix game that is indicative of his comic book and animated cartoon incarnations is the virtual absence of violence. Even the sound never creates the tense or scary mood found in some action games. When you defeat a boss, it explodes but doesn't die. According to the manual, the foes in this game are not necessarily enemies. They're more like playfriends. Your weapons are called Magic Items. And, believe it or not, the game creators have managed to make even a cannon that shoots balls at you look cute and innocuous. Moreover, the manual comes packaged with an order form for "Master Higgins" 10 Tips for Responsible Gaming.

Felix the Cat is fun to play! Its landslide of levels and abundance of Magic Items will keep folks with even the shortest attention spans engaged. The Cat is back! That's purr-fect for NES gamers everywhere.

Download Felix the Cat


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Hudson Soft's latest entry into the NES market is from the classic cartoon series, Felix the Cat!

Felix must venture through many stages of kooky fun only to come across an end boss out to stop Felix! Felix can pick up different objects to aid him in his quest, but he need not rely on weapons alone. Felix is very acrobatic! He can hang upside down from platforms and climb walls when he is in trouble! A great game for kids and experienced players alike!

Felix, the famous, mischievous cat, is feline fine. In fact, this crazy cat is feeling so good, he's off and running in his very own 8-bit action/ adventure.

Hi, Felix, the Cat is the Game I Love Most. I have played this game on my Video Game and I was looking for this Game for playing in my Pc Now. This is a Very good game. Every New Stage in this game is quite different from other Stages. In this game Felix Goes from Underwater to Sky everywhere you must try this game to see how Good this Game is. If you want to say anything to me contact Me.

Oh, no! The evil professor has taken my precious Kitty hostage, and is demanding my magic bag in exchange for her freedom. What's a poor cat to do?!

I told the professor he wouldn't get away with kidnapping my beloved darling, and I vowed to get back at him for taking her. I must travel through eleven levels full of traps and enemies before I can reach him.

That's okay, because I have my trusty magic bag! It can change into a lot of things that can help me get through the levels and beat all the bad guys! It's not going to be easy, but I have to save my buttercup. After all, am I a cat or a mouse?

The classic cartoon character is back for an adventure on the NES. An evil professor has kidnapped the beloved Kitty, and is holding her hostage in exchange for Felix's coveted magic bag. The game is filled with various dangers and traps around every corner. There are helpful items to collect and bonus rooms where you can power-up! Use over 10 different magical power-ups to save Kitty.

People say:


The variety afforded by the magical bag o' tricks gives this game some character, but what you're left with through a predominant amount of play is a standard side-scroller with some nice graphics and technique. The action never gets too heavy and the comical overtones, while missing the mark occassionally, are fun.


With great games like this one the old 8-Bit Nintendo could last another year. Easily one of the most enjoyable NES games to come out this year and definitely worth buying. Felix plays well and has lots of different items to find. Great animation and a long adventure will keep the whole family busy for quite some time.


This just may well be one of the last 8-Bit games really worth playing. The theme is killer and brings back one of the coolest cartoon characters around. Tons of special items keep the game interesting. Cute graphics and OK sounds combined with solid game play make this cart a winner. Grab your magic bag and save Kitty!


Surprisingly, the 8-bit king still has a little life left in it, thanks to games like Felix the Cat. The graphics and sounds are cute, but I want to see this in 16-Bit. If the programmers can translate this theme and story into the 16-bit world, it's sure to be a hit. As it stands on 8-Bit, however, Felix is still a bag of fun!

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