Happy Wheels

Download Happy Wheels and experience the wild, physics-based ragdoll racing game that will have you laughing and cringing in equal measure. Choose from a variety of characters and vehicles, and try to reach the finish line in one piece! Can you survive the brutal courses? Play now!
a game by Fancy Force
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC (2010)
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 5.9/10 - 78 votes
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Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels

Racing, collecting and blood are what Happy Wheels is all about and that is actually its main appeal. This is a game that at first glance relies heavily on excessive violence, but there is a lot of fun to be had here and it is actually a very addictive game. This is a free to play game and in all honesty, it is one of the most fun free to play games out there.

The Goal

So what is the point of a game like Happy Wheels? You start by selecting one of many different levels. Each level will have its own challenges and goals. For example, one might see you have to make it all the way to the end of the level. Another one might see you having to collect things. Levels range from a BMX track, water park, green hills and much more. You then have to select a racer. What makes Happy Wheels so much fun is that these are not your typical racers. You start off with a small selection, but more characters can become available. These characters are people like a dude in a wheelchair and a nerdy guy on a Segway.

Happy Wheels or Mortal Kombat?

You know how over the top and violent the new Mortal Kombat games are? Well, that is probably the best comparison for the gore that Happy Wheels offers you! Actually, while you have a “goal” having your character get horribly dismembered is the main part of the fun. You take a jump that is too high, well that can be a broken then severed leg, you hit your head of the roof…. You are dead. There are a million ways on each level that you can get hurt or die and each one is as bloody as you can imagine. While this is very gory and over the top, some folks may find it a little in poor taste so Happy Wheels might not be the kind of game you want you 8 year old playing so keep that in mind.

Tight Controls

The gameplay of Happy Wheels is that of a physics-based racer. The up key moves you forwards. The down key moves you backward and then you can use the left and right keys to balance yourself out. You will need to do this when you are flying through the air to make sure you land the jump as smooth as possible. You will sometimes need to go really fast to get through an obstacle and other times you may need to be a little more precise with your movements. While there may not appear to be a lot of substance to Happy Wheels. The gameplay is tight enough that you will find it addictive. While the game is very, very hard and you will die a lot. Dying is actually part of the fun in Happy Wheels so it never really gets frustrating.

Create and Upload

Happy Wheels also has a level creator which is surprisingly in depth. This is a lot of fun as you can make your own sadistic levels and then upload them to the server. You can then challenge other players to try and beat your crazy levels. This also means that there is a never ending supply of new levels for you to try out as well.

Happy Wheels is a fun game. I am not going to lie and say that this is the deepest game I have ever played. Yet there is a lot of fun to be had here and as it is free to play, if you are looking for something to make your lunch break go by a little quicker you can do a lot worse than Happy Wheels, just watch out for all that blood spatter!



  • It is full of blood!
  • Fun physics based racing action
  • The deaths are hilarious
  • Requires more skill than you would think


  • Blood may be a little off-putting for some
  • Not a lot of substance here

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you aren’t aware of what Happy Wheels is, allow us to inform you. It’s a game where you control a series of individuals in a variety of different mobility vehicles and guide them from point A to point B avoiding the hazards and mayhem in between. In the harsh light of 2021, this isn’t exactly the most politically correct concept for a game but thankfully, if you can look past this, the game still holds up pretty well and offers a unique brand of chaotic fun. If you don’t believe us, just as Pewdiepie.

This game plays like other games of this nature like Guts and Glory, QWOP, Crafty Mountain, Trials Fusion and Turbo Dismount. This game aims to offer some of the finest ragdoll gaming action without breaking the bank in terms of production value. However, is this game still as good as it once was, or has time rendered this game a relic that should be forgotten. We find out in our review of Happy Wheels.

Still a Happy Affair

First, let’s discuss the visuals of this game. Let’s not beat around the bush, this is a flash game and looks like one too. However, putting aside the limitations that this brings, this game doesn’t look half bad, even today. The game has great animations, a whimsical set of character models, ragdoll physics that only add to the hilarity that unfolds and a rich colour palette that keeps the tone light and breezy throughout. In short, it won’t blow your socks off but for the kind of game this is, it serves it’s purpose.

As for the gameplay, we have to admit, time has not been kind to this game. Everything feels very laboured and slow, the frame rate can be very difficult to work with at times and the controls can be a little frustrating. However, if you are willing to look past this, the game does have some stuff going for it.

The most prominent of these things include the excellent level design that has players avoid innumerable projectiles, obstacles and hurdles and each level offers its own brand of madness that is different from every other. Then in terms of the characters on offer, each of these provide a completely unique experience when compared to another. The vehicle classes make a huge difference, the stats provide perks and pitfalls for each choice and overall, this means that this game is naturally replayable.

The Verdict

Overall, Happy Wheels is a game that feels like it is pulled from a time capsule long ago. The game looks primitive, plays the same and at times, performs so poorly that it can be borderline unplayable. However, when the game performs as it should, its a fun novelty to experience. The concept, while rather problematic, is undeniably fun, the level design is excellent and the vehicle classes offer replayability in spades.


Does this game's quality justify the acclaim and popularity it received? In our opinion absolutely not but that’s ok. It’s something that you should absolutely experience and if you like mindless chaos, then you might even see this game the way the internet did all those years ago.


  • Great level design and vehicle options
  • Mindless, chaotic fun


  • Looks and feels outdated
  • Performance issues are frequent
  • Concept is problematic in 2021

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