Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and unleash the chaos in this hilarious physics-based battle game! Create armies, devise strategies, and watch the ridiculous mayhem unfold. Unleash your inner tactician and play now!
a game by Landfall Games AB
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 18 votes
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

I have never experienced a strategy game as crazy as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. This thing is nuts and it is the kind of game that I fire up and end up playing for a couple of hours as it is so addictive. As I write this the game is still technically in early access. However, I will say that there is more than enough content and fun here to make it worth your while.

Goofy War

The idea of the game is actually very simple. You have one set of warriors on one side of the battlefield and you need to kill the others that are located on the other side. That is the basic premise of what Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is offering and I know it sounds simple, but the joy of this game lays in its simplicity.

The game has a basic look to it, but this is by design. The game looks like some kind of child’s toy and the ragdoll physics are absolutely hilarious and do add quite a bit of fun factor to the game.

Every Unit Has Its Price!

The way that you go about “playing” Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is that you have several different units at your disposal. For example, you have ones that can use spears, axes, shields, and so on. You also have a “budget” at the start of each battle. The idea is that you want to select the best squad” possible for battle. You purchase your warriors and send them out into battle.

I would say that the core gameplay on offer here is so much fun and so simple that even those who are normally not too keen on strategy games would be able to jump in here as it is very straightforward and easy to pick up.

Many Ways To Play

There is a campaign mode here and that is where the strategy element comes into play. You see, you have to pick the best units for each battle and while the game is fun and quite random, you still do have to think.

The game also has a sandbox mode where you can mess around and here you can unlock all kinds of cool and special units that you can have fun with. The game even has an editor that allows you to create your own campaign!


I will admit that I had no idea what to expect when I went into Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but this game did blow me away. It is just so much fun and so goofy that it is the kind of game that is really hard to stop playing. It is a strategy game, but it is more about making you have fun and making you laugh than it is making you have to think really hard. Without a doubt, this is a game you have to try out!


  • Many different units to use
  • The game is a ton of fun to play
  • I liked getting new special units to use
  • I like the art style of the game
  • There are many different game modes


  • When will it leave early access?
  • Might be too goofy for serious strategy game enthusiasts

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator by its name will have you believing that you are about to play the most accurate war/command simulator game ever created, right? Well yes and no. This game’s title plays more on the irony tone of voice, where the game does entail a highly enjoyable battle simulation style, but in terms of being ‘Totally Accurate’ well that’s up for your own interpretation. What this game is though, is a highly amusing third person command-warfare game that relies on a more humorous approach to the genre. Players are given control of some of histories fiercest armies, then are sent off to war. Within the mechanics of this game, that doesn’t bother to adhere to regular laws of physics, players find themselves enjoying the action and animations of the two dueling armies perhaps more than the combat itself.

Action & Combat

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this is clear throughout the fighting in which your armies must reign victorious to progress through the game. As the battle rages on certain tactics and strategies are brought forth to the players in which could have only been created within their imaginations. Instead of rowing your boat up the stream why not use it as a weapon to crush your enemies on the battlefield with? This unique, ingenious gameplay has players marveling at their screens. Where other war games such as the Total War Franchise take their gameplay more seriously, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator allows players to have a wonderful mix of war-strategy and creative freedom within its battles.

Unique Perspective

What makes this game so much fun is prevalent right in the title. This is a tactical strategy game which you must employ tactics to ensure your armies are victorious. However there is a quirkiness which makes it more enjoyable than your average Command-Strategy game. The animations within the battles paired with the creative freedom seen within the game combine for a gameplay experience unmatched by most in the genre. While the game is technically rooted in the genre, with realistic armies from throughout history and a fifty level campaign mode, players can also spend their time in the Sandbox area where your unique vision comes to life as you create your own imaginative war zone.

Graphics & Design

As for the detail which went into the game’s graphics, the colorful array throughout the landscapes, weaponry and soldiers themselves have been done masterfully. This game not only has your imagination spiked, but your visual senses will be as well. Players can experience the diversity in armies and the designs for each individually as they play through the game, being both surprised and fulfilled as the journey moves onwards.


It’s difficult to rate a game as uniquely quirky and creative as this within a genre of hardcore command & conquer type games, yet once you get a hold of this game and play for a while it is clear that this game stands alone. Those in search of the more hardcore games from this genre can also find joy within this game as the animations and hilarious renditions of some combat scenes bring a laugh to even the most seasoned gaming veteran.


  • Uniquely imagined gameplay and combat animations will have you playing this game for years to come.
  • Graphics and design done wonderfully to titillate the senses adding another component of wonder to your experience.


  • The game doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, and for the hardcore war-monger gamers, this may not be the game you spend your time on, although it would make for a breath of fresh air if you are looking for a break.

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