The Adventures of Lolo 3

a game by HAL Laboratory
Genre: Puzzles & Words
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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The Adventures of Lolo 3
The Adventures of Lolo 3
The Adventures of Lolo 3
The Adventures of Lolo 3

Yes, it seems that once again, Lolo and Princess Lala are here again in yet another incarnation, The Adventures of Lolo III. The early copy I received came without documentation (which is fortunate if you hate reading through those storylines), but the basic story seems to run this way. An evil "it" has invaded the land and turned all the inhabitants of Princess Lala's kingdom to stone. Lolo and Lala happened to be hanging out at a nearby stream and were thus spared the attack. They appeared just in time to hear evil laughter as the creature made its escape.

Other than that, everything about Lolo III should be very familiar to anyone who has experienced the first two games. This one is divided into nine levels, each with at least six areas in it; a few special cases have more. In some of the levels, there are also boss creatures to be defeated. The regular areas are pretty much the same as in the older versions.

Your challenge? You must gather up all of the hearts inside the room that you are in, which in turn will open a chest, exposing an item that will destroy all the monsters in the room and allow you to escape into the next. Sound simple? Well, it can be early on, or if you know the correct procedure. The hard part comes in dealing with the aforementioned monsters. Some of them fire projectiles, so you have to move objects to block their path. Others have to be killed to clear the way for the heart collection. You must often encase a monster in an egg of sorts, then push it around in the same manner as the stone blocks and use it to shield yourself from spine-spitting trees. Firebreathing lizards can heat things up as well, although the fireballs can be dodged, unlike the spines. Sometimes you must push an egg into water and ride it like a raft in order to reach a heart.

Strategy, logical thought, patience and experimentation are all required assets for progressing from stage to stage. Occasionally special power-up hearts are available that will enable you to place a span of bridge across a section of water, change the direction of certain one-way passageways or even crush a boulder that is blocking your path.

Lolo III is primarily a puzzle/thought/-strategy type of contest and can be frustrating (slight understatement there!) but also rewarding once an area is finally conquered. While not graphically dependent, all the graphics are good. The music is okay for a while, but it can become a bit bothersome after a while. I guess that's what the volume control is for!

Anyone who enjoyed the first two Lolos will definitely want to check out this third installment. There is plenty of challenge and a good solid game contained within Lolo III.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Lolo returns with his partner who he saved in Lolo 3, that of course being Lala! Lolo 3 offers more puzzles to solve, more lands to explore and one evil being to conquer. You see, the land of Lolo is in great peril, for the evil wizard has frozen all the inhabitants and only Lolo and Lala can help break the wizard's spell. If you were a fan of the first two Lolo games, you're sure to enjoy the tricky situations that need your deductive skills to solve. For those unfamiliar with Lolo's past successes, this game is similar to Chip's Challenge on the Lynx or Boxxel for the NES. Brainteasing block pushing has never been so entertaining - and thanks to Lolo's clever design, you get to tax a lot more than just your brain in this one!!

The cute little Lolo is coming back for a third appearance! In this new and enhanced version Lolo, or Lala (the first non-sexist game!) is back in a 100 room maze and must figure out how to get out, one room at a time. With new play techniques and characters not found in the previous games, Lolo 3 offers even more variety than its predecessors. For example, no longer are you required to complete the rooms in a certain order. You can work on any room in groups of levels. Levels 1,2,3 compose one group, levels 4,5,6,7 the next group and so forth. The enemy are more plentiful and also smarter so even the best puzzle experts will have their hands full with this game!

  • Machine: NINTENDO

The first two Adventures of Lolo puzzle games for Nintendo have thousands of loyal fans who have struggled to guide little Lolo through countless rooms full of obstacles and dangers. Now Lolo III is here to carry on the tradition, and the latest version is not only the biggest, it's also the best.

Those who have not yet played a Lolo game are in for a treat. All you have to do is carefully move Lolo - the little round guy with the big feet - through a series of rooms. But rather than having to shoot or punch or jump about, the emphasis is on using logic to move objects around in the room so that you prepare Lolo's way forward.

In the first two Lolo adventures, our hero had to save Princess Lala from the top of a castle. But in Lolo III, you can play as either Lolo or Lala. They're out to rescue their friends, who have been turned to stone.

You guide Lolo and Lala across a map full of castles and towers and caves. There's an underwater group of caves with levels to clear. And Lolo and Lala will have to go underground to reach the advanced levels. You clear a room by removing all of the hearts (called heart framers) without getting zapped or blocked by your enemies.

Lolo III is a much larger game than the previous two adventures. There are 100 rooms spread across 17 levels. And you'll find a few new characters, objects, and techniques in this latest game. There are also several cute animated sequences that occur as you move through the adventure. But the same features that made the first two Lolo games so good are all still here - there are just more of them.

This is top-notch family entertainment that can be enjoyed by game players of just about any age. Here's hoping that there are future Lolo games in the works.

The third in the LoLo series makes it's debut this month. LoLo 3 offers more of the mindbending puzzles, similar in design to those in the first two games. This edition features seventeen levels with 100 new rooms. The password is back but you now have the option to practice mazes in different levels. Play either as LoLo or LaLa (non-sexist!) and then change to the other character at will.

People say:


The third installment of the Lolo series picks up where the first two left off, with Lolo out to solve a series of puzzles. This time, however, there's some meaning as Lolo travels through a scrolling land, retrieves crystals and finally gets captured - letting you become Lala for a rescue!


The first two versions are among my favorites and the third continues the tradition! A great thinking-type game with all new mazes and a few new features thrown in. Not much to look at, but who cares as the puzzles are everything! A safe purchase if you liked the first two.


Lolo 3 is pretty good for the 3rd in the series. Puzzle games aren't my thing, but this one is very involving and fun to play. It's kind of like Boxxle, but the puzzles have more variety. The only drawback is that once you beat all the levels you don't want to play it anymore.


Definitely the best of the Lolo trilogy Lolo III makes me dizzy! Some of the mazes remind me of Boxxle. The traps are definitely inventive and original, and the option to play as Lolo or as his girlfriend, Lala, is a cool and well appreciated option. Lolo 4 can't be far behind.

Everyone's favorite video game hero-in-the-round is back to vanquish the wicked King of Eggerland one more time. The Adventures of Lolo III combines the best of the previous games in this well-rounded series with some brand new mind-bending twists, including an underwater stage.

In this biggest game yet in the Lolo saga, our roley poley hero and his sis Lala must save their fellow villagers who've been turned to stone by that rotten egg who calls himself a king. To rescue the villagers the rotund duo must wend (or wobble in this case) their way through the village, conquering 17 different levels (100 rooms in all as well as some big, bad boss encounters).

The Gang's All Here

Each of the different rooms in the game is a puzzling labyrinth of obstacles, including trees, rocks, Emerald Framers (moveable blocks), lava streams, and more. And that's not all - a cast of characters familiar to Lolo groupies everywhere is back in full force. The crew includes Snakey, Medusa, Rocky, Alma, as well as the new fish on the block, Moby. Each of the creatures has its own unique way of making Lolo's life miserable.

ProTip: Don't forget that sometimes when you shoot Snakey away he comes back in a different place!

They're Baaaaack!

As always Lolo or Lala (you can be either one) clear each room and reach safety by grabbing all of the Heart Framers and then, finally, the Treasure. Armed with your brain cells and special items they earn when they grab different Heart Framers (i.e. Egg Shots, Bridges, Arrow Direction Changers, etc.) our heroine or hero must complete a series of moves in a specific order to escape.

  • Level 3-3 requires a classic Lolo move. To get past a barricade of three horizontal blocks in a row first push the far left block up and then push the far right block up. Now, push the middle block to the left or right and proceed up through the middle!

  • If there are creatures that chase you after you grab the last Heart Framer in the room (like Skulls), the solution usually involves grabbing the Heart Framer nearest to the Treasure Chest last.

  • Use your special powers to solve puzzle 9-2. Here are a few hints - grab the Heart Framer on the right wall first to get two Egg Shots. Next, grab the lower left Heart Framer to have Arrow Changing ability. Now, proceed to the center four Heart Framers. This activates your Arrow Changing power and enables you to escape from this seemingly impossible trap.

Even with your brains and their brawn this Lolo adventure is by far the toughest yet for our fuzzy friends. Levels 1 and 2 are standard early Lolo... but they're just a warm up. Once you reach Level 3 the puzzles grow steadily more difficult. By Level 11 solving some of the puzzles requires more than 30 moves, executed in an exact order. You'll have a headache in no time at all!

For practice with some standard Lolo puzzles visit Grandpa in either of the two trees.

A Well-Rounded Personality

Lolo fans are a dedicated bunch, and they won't be disappointed with the cute-as-always graphics (including new animated sequences) and tougher-than-ever game-play. Gamers, if you enjoy puzzler fare you haven't lived until you've "Loloed and Lalaed". P.S. If you've never met Lolo do yourself a favor -- begin with Adventures of Lolo and work your way up to Lolo III!

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