Armored Core V

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a game by FromSoftware, Inc.
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Armored Core V
Armored Core V
Armored Core V

The popular mech combat franchise is back – this time with a grittier coat of paint and higher stakes than ever before. Armored Core V is FromSoftware’s answer to a market where hyperrealistic shooters are gaining traction. Featuring more realistic mech designs and sturdier controls, this entry might not be well-suited for those accustomed to mecha anime.

Those patient enough to learn the complicated basics of piloting a mech in Armored Core V will be rewarded with an incredibly detailed simulator. However, if what you’re looking for is a more arcade experience, then these are not the droids you’re looking for.

Mech Warfare

The Armored Core series has had a complicated time finding its niche audience. For a time, it seemed like these games were some of the best giant robot simulators in the market, but that approach quickly proved ineffective. Later games, like Armored Core: Formula Front, simplified the formula, while at the same time striping it of what made these games so unique.

Armored Core V aims to rectify this situation, taking the core gameplay to its simulation roots. The mechs in this game feel more like tanks than anything else, and while that might sound great to armored combat aficionados, they’re terrible news for giant robot fans.

This tactical shooter is heavily rooted in realism, which is something rare to see in mech simulators, especially in Japanese ones. However, fans of giant mechs shouldn’t fear: the giant robots here are still every bit as outlandish as we’re used to seeing in other Armored Core games.

Moving Freely

Despite the robust look of Armored Core V’s mechs, these robots are surprisingly nimble and easy to control. The developers seem to have focused their efforts on making this game feel as flexible as the earlier entries in the series. One thing to keep in mind is that these mechs are anthropomorphic, which gives them some limitations when it comes to holding their weapons.

Changing weapons must be done much like a human would, which leaves your mech open to attacks while the swapping animation plays out. With this comes a tactical element to combat, as players will have to balance when to change weapons to avoid the most damage.

Customize and Conquer

With over 500 pieces available to build your Armored Core, customization in Armored Core V is amongst the best we’ve ever seen in a mech game. Players can have up to 50 Armored Cores saved in their inventory – a great incentive to experiment with multiple parts and combinations.

Each weapon has a different type of ammo that can prove more effective against specific Armored Cores. Arms can be kinetic, chemical, or thermal – and that’s just the basic gist of the game’s complex combat.

The truth is that Armored Core V remains as technical as ever, proving to be an amazing game for fans of the series – if a divisive one for casual players. This is a game that will definitely be enjoyed to a greater degree by fans of simulation games, leaving behind those players looking for a more traditional mech anime affair.


Armored Core V is a return to its roots for FromSoftware’s mech simulator. Its mechanics are as impenetrable as ever, but dedicated fans will definitely have a blast with this game’s powerful mechs


  • Impressively detailed mechs
  • Astonishing variety of customization parts
  • Tons of tactical commands
  • Entertaining multiplayer


  • Dull color palette
  • Repetitive campaign

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XBox 360

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Playstation 3

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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