Bad Street Brawler

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a game by Mattel
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Bad Street Brawler
Bad Street Brawler
Bad Street Brawler
Bad Street Brawler

Remember punk rock? Duke Davis was a punk rocker, back in those innocent days when the music came first. That was before gangs of mean, violent sleazebags took over the punk world, perverting the beautiful message Duke tried to convey.

Disgruntled, Duke left his band and disappeared. He secretly studied martial arts, biding his time. And when he was ready, he returned to stop those vicious thugs. The hometown he remembered was now a seedy metropolis crawling with criminal scum.

As Duke Davis, clad in Jams and wraparound sunglasses, it's up to you to make the streets safe again. You'll tackle such fierce miscreants as Fat Man, a ball-and-chain-swinging punk, and Attila the Honey. It seems an imposing task, but remember your training. Use the Stooge Hit, thumping the enemy on top of the head. Or the Trip, knocking them down and holding them to the asphalt until they're finished. Watch out, punks, 'cause Duke is back, and now the coolest of all vigilantes.

The characters, story, and animation in Bad Street Brawler emphasize fun over realism and violence. The game doesn't take itself too seriously, choosing to parody the pummeling hero theme of so many games. When you bop a bad guy, he bounces and falls, his eyes turning into little X's. Among the hazards you have to dodge is a banana-hurling gorilla. Even the Bad Brawler's martial arts moves are silly, more like slapstick comedy than fighting. You expect someone to get hit with a pie.

The humor works. Bad Street Brawler is fun and holds your interest - at least for awhile. Soon, however, the unbroken left-to-right progression and unchanging pattern of duck, attack, and advance becomes repetitive. Each of the game's five levels plays the same, and it seems as if only the backgrounds change. There are no level bosses. There's not even a ladder to climb or an obstacle to hurdle.

Although the light, humorous approach is a refreshing twist, it's just not enough to make up for the simplistic game play. After such complex and action-packed games as Mega Man II and Ninja Gaiden, many game players have come to expect more.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Bad Street Brawler is a 1987 video game by Beam Software Pty., Ltd. specifically designed for use with the Nintendo Power Glove . It was distributed worldwide by Mindscape Inc. and Mattel. The original Bad Street Brawler is one of the earliest Beat 'em up or scrolling fighting games.

The player plays the character, Duke Davis, who goes from stage to stage beating up gangsters that get in his way, dressed in a yellow tank top, sunglasses, and yellow pants. He is described as a former punk rocker and the "world's coolest" martial artist.

Before the start of the next stage, quotes are introduced to entertain the player (i.e., Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you). The player fights a variety of enemies, such as gorillas and old ladies who throw pocketbooks at the player (resembling weightlifter dwarves who throw dumbbells at the player).

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