Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure

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a game by LJN
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.4/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure
  • Manufacturer: LJN
  • Machine: Nintendo
  • Type: Adv.
  • Release: July 1991
  • Difficulty: Easy

It's 1991, and the Wyld Stallions are preparing to go on a concert tour! Suddenly, Rufus shows up and explains how time thieves have disrupted the time continuum by placing historical figures in the wrong time line! If Bill and Ted don't rescue them, Wyld Stallions will never play in their concert! Most untriumphant!! Bogus! Dial the number of your favorite historical babe or dude and get ready for the ride of your life!

People say:


What a most un-triumphant new RPG for the NES. Bill and Ted go on a journey that is quite un-excellent, and although the digitized graphics of the wild ones are done well, the rest of the game play is quite heinous. While the intentions are good, Bill and Ted is bogus, bogus, bogus.


Bill and Ted is a strange type of game. It's not quite a quest game, nor is it an action game. Finding misplaced people is unusual but interesting. The circuit screen is too hard and frustrating but once in the proper world the game got better. It just seemed too complex of a game.


Bill and Ted is a major disappointment. A total flop from beginning to end. The graphics and heinous and the sound effects are most annoying. The worst thing in the game is the horrible game play that makes it very not-fun to play. The game is far from being excellent. Most upsetting.


Bogus! The graphics and play control are most undesirable for the present game at hand, dude! Now should LJN ever decide to dismantle these gnarly tunes, the overall irritation factor may allow this movie-title cart to slide up to a 4. In the meantime, Bill and Ted are flunking most heinously.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Somebody's been fiddlin' with the Circuits of Time and as a result some majorily big-time personages have been tossed into the wrong time and place in history -- like who's gonna' go back and change all the history books? Bill and Ted are out to right these historical wrongs, so the future of the world, not to mention their musical careers, will happen as planned. It's Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure from LJN!

Marilyn to Wed King Arthur

In this just slightly excellent single player roleplay/action/adventure, B&T bee-bop through the Circuits of Time via their time-travellin' phone booth, making stops in five major periods of history: Medieval World, Western World, U.S. Revolution World, Modern World, and Ancient World.

Bill and Ted split the heroics by alternately tackling the history-mysteries.

In each world they have two primary tasks.


  • Single sections of fence are stellar places to seek out Historical Bait.

  • Jump in, around, and even on top of the corral (near Miss Fi Fi's house in Medieval World) to flush out a mega stash of Pudding Cups.

They must locate an out-of-place Historical Dude or Babe (16 in all) such as Marilyn Monroe or Confucius, and they must find Historical Bait -- 16 items such as a Rose, a CD Player, and the Holy Grail -- to entice them into the phone booth. If you offer them the wrong bait, they're, well, history and your search is on again!

Be Excellent to Each Other

"Esteemed personages" are unpredictable, not to mention fickle, and learning to judge their moves and moods presents an unusual challenge. Bump into somebody while they're standing still and they either tell you to get lost or pass on a generous supply of clues, Gold Coins, or weapons. But run into the same person again as they begin to walk away and they threaten to throw you in jail!

To distract and destroy hostile locals, Bill and Ted toss a funky assortment of modern day items including Cassette Tapes, exploding Text Books, and Pudding Cups. History lessons take on entirely new meanings when you see a macho medieval knight dashing after a Pudding Cup or getting down to a fresh Cassette.

  • If a hostile local is in hot pursuit and you need a moment to plan a getaway, simply jump onto the grassy area and wait until he passes by.

  • To locate a piece of Historical Bait in the U.S. Revolution world, first get yourself thrown in jail. When you get out of jail can go, and then head East. Find the pudding stash and you're just a few paces due East from the bait.

Better Luck Next Time, Dude

What could have been a truly excellent video game adventure wound up as a mildly entertaining video-jaunt? The game features attractive but simple (no faces for Bill and Ted) three-quarter overtired-view graphics. The sound and the game-play are solidly average. However, the slow pace of the action and the similarity of the worlds make Bill and Ted's an ideal candidate for the beginning role-player, but a bit of a disappointment for the seasoned veteran. Most inauspicious.

Famous people from our past have been kidnapped and placed in different time periods.

Play as Bill or Ted and travel back in time to find the misplaced people. But they like it where they are and many will be hard to locate. Deal with the local customs and people of each time period as best as you can but remember who you are! Most excellent dude!

That most triumphant time traveling duo are now ready for an adventure on both your NES and Game Boy video game systems!

Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan are about to embark on their most excellent quest yet, courtesy of LJN! In this totally bodacious game, you're cast as the lead singers of the Wyld Stallyns on a whole new adventure through time!

Travel in your most cosmic of time warping phone booths to visit the greatest moments of history. Explore six different worlds of adventure to collect items and connect the clues from the most famous dudes in history like Joan of Arc and Napoleon. But be sure to get them back in time or the curtain will come down on the Wyld Stallyns! Most heinous!

Be a part of history and help save the world in this most excellent of RPG's for your NES! Excellent!

A most triumphant game boy journey!

Once again, the world as the future knows it is in great peril! The evil DeNomolos has created evil Bid and Ted robots and sent them back to get rid of the real Bill and Ted! In order to save the future and themselves, Bill and Ted must travel the circuits of time and gather the stolen time fragments. Along the way, our most excellent compatriots must avoid Billy the Kid, the Grim Reaper, the Executioner, and even Granny S. Preston Esquire! This quest will require more than just skill. You need brains to figure out some of the complex rooms! Party on, dudes!

Master tip #784

If you're being chased, use the pudding. The natives will run for it and leave you alone!

Level 2-1:

Gather the stars and avoid Billy the Kid stalking the area. He shoots some deadly bullets!

Level 3-1:

Look for the goblets and make for the exit fast! Many items are strewn about everywhere!

Awesome! Those radical time-travelling dudes are having an Excellent Gameboy Adventure! Wipe out heinous enemies in a race against time with Bill and Ted!

Bill and Ted, stars of the box office smasharoo Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, have teamed up with Acclaim to bring you an all new NES title called, naturally, Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure. Yes, the awesome twosome's slipped into video-land to partake in some more turbulent time traveling, and you, in either the single or two player mode, get to go along for the ride. If the incredible 360 scrolling doesn't make you dizzy, the challenging combination of action and role-playing will. Via their handy time warping telephone booth, Bill and Ted travel through time to find misplaced historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, who've mysteriously landed in the wrong place and century, and return them to their proper time period. They must make pit stops in well known places and periods in history, both past and future, such as ancient Egypt and the Renaissance to quiz the locals for clues. Can Bill and Ted preserve the history of the world? Only time traveling will tell.

Two of the nation's most EX-cellent dudes are coming to the Nintendo system later this year. It's, of course , none other than Bill and Ted. In the game which spans eight unique time zones our heroes travel on a quest only they can solve. With digitized photos and voices of our heroes spread out throughout the game the adventure slowly unfolds and like the movie they constantly get themselves in and out of trouble.

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