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BIOMUTANT is an open-world RPG that is mixing in some awesome action gameplay with its RPG elements. The trailers that have been shown really do not do the game justice in terms of how fluid and action packed the combat is. Not to mention all the crazy kind of Creatures that you will be coming across in this post-apocalyptic world.

Save or Destroy

So far there is not exactly a ton that is known about the story of BIOMUTANT. What we do know is the basic setting of the game and it sounds pretty cool. Basically, in this post-apocalyptic world. The Tree-Of-Life is slowly dying as it is bleeding to death! The tribes that now inhabit the land are divided and have their own motivations. The world is on the brink of destruction and you actually have a say in how the story pans out. You can be a savior and try to save the land. Or you can just go all out for yourself and lead the world into darkness!

Punch, Kick And Shoot

I have played many open-world RPG style games over the years. However, BIOMUTANT appears to be different from all the rest when it comes to combat. The idea here is that the combat is going to be superfluid and action packed. It is called a martial arts style combat and the people behind the game were heavily influenced by Kung-Fu in terms of the combat. This allows you to fight the way you want to fight. Dish out powerful melee attacks or focus more on firepower. You have a lot of say in how you go about taking down enemies and the combat really does look like it is going to be a great deal of fun.

Tinker Away

As the name of the game suggests, BIOMUTANT is about mutations. This means that you are free to come mutant your character the way you want. You can change your genetic structure. This will change the way that your character looks as well as change the abilities that they have too. You can come across radioactive areas in the game and these can mutant you further, giving you special kinds of powers. For example, you can use the power of your mind to open up telekinesis abilities. In addition to this, there is a huge emphasis on crafting in the game. You can come up with some really cool looking and powerful weapons if you can get the right kind of parts. From a special kind of gas mask to mechanical wings! You can really go all out to make your mutant something very different and special.

Explore The Way You Want

The world is very large and while you will have many quests at your fingertips. A huge part of the fun of BIOMUTANT will be exploring the world at your own pace. From forests that are drying to underground bunkers, the world they have created is vast and very exciting to explore. One thing that is really cool is that while you can stroll around the world on foot like a ninja looking for a quest. You can also make sure of many different vehicles as well.

BIOMUTANT is an open-world RPG that is clearly going all out in the features department. Not only have they created a massive and interesting open world for you to explore and play around in. BIOMUTANT also has some of the most badass combat of any open-world RPG that has come out in the last decade!

Anticipation Score: 8.5/10


  • The game looks amazing
  • You can create your own mutant
  • Lots to see and do
  • The world is very diverse in its different locations
  • You can obtain all kinds of cool powers and weapons


  • Will the game have a steep learning curve?
  • The huge range of customization options may be a bit much for some

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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