Darksiders 2

a game by Vigil Games
Platform: PC
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Darksiders 2
Darksiders 2
Darksiders 2

The gaming world is full of big names that release new titles year after year. And With hundreds of new games each year, some amazing titles can go a little under the table. One of the most underlooked big titles out there is definitely Darksiders, and even its sequel Darksiders II, a franchise that takes a little from many different games and genres, and puts it together in an amazing way. Here we're going to be talking about the second entry in the franchise, Darksiders II, so without any more introduction, let's get to it

The plot

The end of the days marks the awakening of the eldest, deadliest, strongest and most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen brothers, Death. This time, the horseman embarks on a quest not only to redeem his brother's War name, but also undo the crimes he never committed, but he's being punished for.

His quest is also to restore and save mankind, but he's soon to find that things are bigger than he thought. What starts as a quest to stop the earthly Apocalypse turns into a fight against an evil that threatens all of Creation.

New Horseman, a new adventure, the same spirit

This game takes place during the 100-year imprisonment of War, in a brave move to develop a parallel plot to the first title. But the plot and development is not the only thing new to the title. This series has been compared to games like The Legend Of Zelda thanks to its exploration, puzzle-solving mechanics. But there's more to it than just that.

This sequel takes everything the first one did to the next level. Improving all the existing mechanics, better combat and a bigger world. Not only is the plot as good as the first one, but in some things, it is even better. The Hack 'n' Slash combat style alone wasn't going to cut it for this game, so they went ahead and tweaked things. Adding RPG mechanics such as stats, levels and upgrades, the combat, and exploration became not only better but also even more rewarding.

Death makes for a pretty interesting character, completely different from War, his brother. You can see that not only are their fighting styles and controls different, but their character and development are completely original and different from each other.


How the Darksiders franchise still isn't in the top gaming franchises around is still a mystery. Darksiders II features everything you need to make a great game. The combat mechanics are spectacular, the plot is excellent and nicely developed, a huge world, exploration, music, everything is there.

Not only is the world big enough as it is, but there are also dozens of dungeons to explore, find new objects and learn new techniques you can apply to the rest of the game. There are even different game types, and weapons to choose from, making it a highly customizable adventure this customization is also what helps in creating an excellent replay-value

  • Graphics and visuals: the artistic style of the game is unique, recognizable and really cool. Even though the graphics are not out of this world, thanks to its art direction it is easy to spot from the rest. It stands out without being overly detailed, and the animations are very fluid, making the action look and feel even better.

  • Gameplay: A campaign that's about 20 hours long and features a lot of exploration makes for a nice experience. But keep in mind that these 20 hours don't include the secondary missions, nor the whole exploration you can do in the game. It could add up to around 35 hours or more. Thanks to the RPG mechanics you can even grind to level-up more, which adds more hours into the gameplay. The fighting and controllers are easy to understand, but you'll have to take some time to practice thanks to all the different types of enemies.

  • Soundtrack: En epic-hardcore soundtrack that completely fits the art of the entire game, it goes perfectly with the action and the setting of the game. It's also great for listening on its own.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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