Black Book

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a game by Morteshka
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Black Book
Black Book
Black Book

Today we are taking a look at Black Book which is an RPG that a good friend of mine smartened me up to. What really drew me to this game was just how dark and mysterious the whole premise of it is. I know nothing about Slavic mythology which the game is based on, but let me tell you I am certainly more interested in it now. It is worth noting that there is a free demo of this out there so be sure to give that a try if this sounds interesting to you.

Can A Witch Find Love?

The story of the game is what is really drawing me to Black Book. As I said, it is based in the realm of Slavic myths and that is cool, but the story on its own is great. The main character is a woman called, Vasilla and she is going to be a witch, but she falls in love and wants to spend her life with her beloved. Well, her beloved dies under some very strange circumstances!

This sets Vasilla out on a quest to find the mysterious Black Book which has demonic powers and once all seven seals are found this book can grant the person who wields it a wish… no prizes for guessing what Vasilla’s wish is!

Card Collecting Is So In

In many regards, Black Book has what you would expect from an RPG. It has you going on various quests for people to move the story along and also pick up new gear, improve your stats, and so on. It does this very well and I think that alone is enough to at the very least make people who enjoy RPGs interested in what this is offering The big twist of this game comes in the form of the way it handles spell casting. You have to find various cards that you will use to learn new spells. I really think the card collecting dynamic of this game is very cool. You will find it very addictive as you strive forward trying to find new cards so you can improve your magic abilities.

Demons Are Friends

You can also call in demons to help you and you can have a flock of demons at your disposal which you can send to do things for you. The interesting thing here is that these demons will serve you as long as you give them something to do, idle demons can cause you many problems.

This Is Certainly Not “Pathless”

I love the visuals of Black Book, while I am ignorant to many of these myths, I know a cool looking game when I see it. One game that I feel is very similar to this in terms of the visuals and art style is The Pathless. It has a kind of cell shaded thing going on and it makes excellent use of lighting. It looks so good that I was actually surprised this was an indie game.


I grew up in Scotland and we have our own myths that are cool so any game that bases its story around a countries lore and myths gets my attention. I think that Black Book is doing a lot of things right and I really enjoyed the demo that they put out. I think the story is very engaging, but the gameplay is very cool as well, especially the way you have to collect cards and keep demons busy.


  • The main character is very interesting
  • I love the story that this game tells
  • It looks fantastic
  • There is a demo you can check out


  • I do think you need a slight interest in horror to get into this
  • The game still does not have a full release date yet

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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