Boggle Plus

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a game by Sculptured Software
Platform: GameBoy
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Boggle Plus
Boggle Plus
Boggle Plus
Boggle Plus

For you word aficionados, Bog-gle by Parker Brothers gives you plenty of word games. This is definitely a thinking person's game, so holster those trigger fingers.

Like the board game, the object is to compose as many words as you can from a given set of letters within an allotted time period. Unlike the board game, you have five game options: regular Boggle, Big Boggle, Anagram, Categories, and Use All. For those with a limited vocabulary, try the Anagram and the Categories options first. In Anagram, you only have to create words from three or four letters, depending on the level setting you choose. In Categories, you seek out words from a jumbled mess of letters for a given category, such as "4 things found on a skateboard," where you must find four words associated with skatebords-wheels, board, etc. Big Boggle is played like regular Boggle, except you get a bigger letter grid to choose from and you have a 4-letter word minimum instead of 3-letter word minimum.

In most games, you are your own competitor, so this cart is no monster to beat. If you need extra challenge, though, try playing one or more of the eight computer players. They have a few more words under their belts.

This word-making cart will catch you with special features, such as a dictionary that calls you on questionable words. If you want a calm, thinking game for the Game Boy, this is it.

  • PROTIP: Charlie and Pearl are the toughest computer players to beat

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