C: The Contra Adventure

Download C: The Contra Adventure and battle alien forces in this action-packed sequel! Save the planet from extraterrestrial threats, unleash explosive firepower, and experience intense side-scrolling gameplay. Are you ready to conquer the Contra challenge? Play now!
a game by Konami
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 4/10, based on 1 review, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 4 votes
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C: The Contra Adventure
C: The Contra Adventure
C: The Contra Adventure
C: The Contra Adventure

After Contra: Legacy of War, fans of the long-running Konami series were itching to get a game that captured the classic feel. If all goes right, this game will be successful in bringing the series back to its rightful place. Not much is known about "C" at this time--not even if the game will be called Contra--but from the screen shots, it looks as if the game will be a combination of 2-D and 3-D levels with rendered backgrounds and enemies. The game is currently 30 percent complete, and Konami is hoping to release the game in March.

  • MANUFACTURER - Appaloosa

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Though Konami's Contra franchise has yet to grab a' foothold in the 3D generation of video games, C: The Contra Adventure may just change that.

C takes the retro Contra flavor and builds on it, offering classic side-scrolling shooting alongside Tomb Raider-style third-person action. C's visuals range from impressive 3D side-scroller to poor man's third-person shooter, complete with pixeliza-tion, clipping, and camera problems. There are two drawbacks to this otherwise enjoyable shooter. First, the levels are very long and offer no method of saving at mid-point. (This has been a complaint with every Contra game ever made.) Second, you have to manually aim above or below in the third-person mode, which can be problematic for those of us with only two thumbs (analog users will need to reconfigure the default control setup). Nevertheless, the thrills keep coming, thanks to classic Contra-style firepower-run-amok gameplay complemented by Dual Shock support, explosive sonic effects, and a rocking soundtrack.

Although flawed, C: The Contra Adventure carries on the franchise with style, picking up bonus points for the variety of its game-play modes. Fans should definitely check this one out.


  • Homing missiles are the best weapons to defend against the bullet-belching bad guy after the first cinema. If you don't have them, then fire away at both his blasts and his body to take him out Save your smart bombs; you'll need them for the next boss.
  • Lob grenades at these twin titans of terribly tumultuous technology.
  • It's always a good Idea to take things slowly In a Contra game. Rushing ahead into uncharted territory can make for a very deadly result.

Not wanting to let a great long-running series pass the 32-bit system by, Konami has created another Contra game for the PlayStation (even after the disappointing Contra: Legacy of War). By trying to combine the classic Contra gunning style with a 3D look. Contra Adventure winds up being a cross between the Super l\IES Contra III: Alien Wars and The Lost World--small 3D sprites erupting in fantastic, larger-than-life backgrounds. The good thing so far is that Contra plays somewhat like Contra III. but looks a little sharper. There are also cool 3D Tomb Raider--ish levels where the action gets intense. Contra fans, the perfect mix of gameplay and graphics could be near.

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