Championship Manager Italia

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a game by Intelek
Platform: PC (1993)
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Championship Manager Italia
Championship Manager Italia
Championship Manager Italia
Championship Manager Italia

A Part From one or two minor alterations and a couple of lines in the manual being changed, this is identical to the 'English' counterpart. For example, the selectable playing styles haven't been re-named to suit the league -not a 'Catenaccio' in sight. The awkwardly-named 'Continental' style is there, looking more incongruous than ever. As is 'Long Ball.' Can you imagine Fabio Capello or Giovanni Trapattoni saying, 'Right lads, keep whacking the ball up the middle -never mind all that midfield fannying about - and hope one of our big lads can get his head on the end of it'?

Needless to say, the game provides exactly the same degree of absorption as the English version and everything costs three times as much. People who've battled with the budgets of Charlton or Exeter in CM93 will be pleased to know I'm struggling along with Inter's budget of $16.5 million. Admittedly, that might just about buy me one forward. (Actually that's not true: the Pope will be pleased to know that Gianluigi Lentini is only valued at $4.6 million in my game.)

I must say Inter have fantastic drawing-power. An example of the difference this has on gameplay: I sacked a league scout in CM93, and the Board found me another fat old man in an inflammable tracksuit to replace him.

In Italia, I sacked one of Inter's league scouts and the Board got me Genoa's manager. (Cough). Somewhat astonished, I sacked another and got Piacenza's manager as well. Needless to say, my scouting reports are now rather better than they were, but sometimes during the results round-up I feel sorry for my new scouts' poor ex-teams.

The differences in Italian football are there: two extra substitutes are allowed on the bench, and the more sensible Italian transfer rules stop teams from buying players all the way through the season. (I only think they're more sensible because my squad's completely full and nobody's injured, of course). Although both Serie A and B teams are included, and have obviously been thoroughly researched (there's a handy guide to noteworthy Serie B players) the game still shows signs of being rushed out, with apparent confusion as to who works where - Dino Zoff is the 'manager' of Lazio and the 'coach' of Juventus; Giovanni Trapattoni is Inter's coach and Juve's manager. Busy men.

As I've already said in the CM94 review, the fact that the data from this game can't be merged with that from the original is a big minus. Apart from that, though, as a stand-alone game it will appeal to those who've developed a taste for quality football by watching Channel 4's Football Italia, and indeed to anyone who likes the idea of trying to manage the best players in the world. It will also probably be welcomed by our Italian readers, too, for whom the masochistic calling to manage Blackpool is no doubt rather more resistible.

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