Cloning Clyde

a game by NinjaBee
Platform: XBox 360
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 5 votes
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Cloning Clyde
Cloning Clyde
Cloning Clyde
Cloning Clyde

It has been well documented how much of a surprise the Xbox Live Arcade has been to Xbox 360 owners. Many people even claim the Arcade is the only thing keeping them playing their 360 (to which I would respond by pointing them to a number of killer full blown titles but I digress). Nobody can argue the Arcade does provide a number of solid titles that are easy to pick up and play. Up until now, the majority of the games have failed to hold my attention much longer than a couple of gaming sessions. Cloning Clyde has changed everything for me.

Cloning Clyde is an original game built specifically for the Arcade so you are not playing a rehashed version of a classic arcade game or a variant of the ever popular puzzle game. Clyde is best classified as a side scrolling platform game with a large puzzle solving element. As I was plying through the game, everything felt very familiar yet there is really nothing like it. If I were forced to make a comparison to another game, the closest I could come up with is the Oddworld games on PS1.

The game features well placed, and quite humorous tutorial signs scattered throughout the levels. The tutorials come in the form of letters left behind by cloned versions of Clyde himself. These messages are left by the clones to help the main Clyde through the levels. Like any good platformer, there are multiple objectives in each level. Collecting action figures, destroying security robots and rescuing other Clyde's make up each level.

So what is the point of the clones, you ask? Well, first, it is part of the story line. Second, and more importantly, the clones help you solve the myriad of puzzles thrown in your path. You can hot swap to any Clyde in the level which opens up endless possibilities for puzzles. Throw in the fact you can mutate Clyde and combine him with a number of interesting animals, giving Clyde new abilities, and you will find yourself continually coming back just to see what they come up with next.

Overall, this is my favorite Arcade game for the simple fact it is original. The humor, graphics, puzzles and challenge level all feel great. My only real complaint is the occasional frustration jumping up and missing platforms but this was not enough to hinder my enjoyment. If you have not yet tried an Arcade game, this might just be the title that will get you hooked.

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XBox 360

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