Cyber Sled

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a game by Namco Ltd.
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 5.3/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Cyber Sled
Cyber Sled
Cyber Sled
Cyber Sled

Cyber Sled on the PlayStation doesn't break any new ground with its gameplay, and it won't win any awards for its graphics. However, it does have the tried-and-true shooter gameplay that made it an arcade standard.

Good Sled

It seems like this style of game has been around forever, so Cyber Sled should feel instantly familiar. You select one of six futuristic tanks, each with its own unique ratings in speed, weapons, and shields.

Then you steer your tank around obstacleladen arenas in a wild game of hide-n-go-seek against another tank. Dash behind pillars for temporary protection, then blast away at your enemy when they're in range. Computer opponents can be sneaky in their attacks, but picking up power-ups and health boosters will keep you going.

The strategy is pretty simple - hit without being hit - so this is a game of control more than anything. Basically, he who drives better wins.

That's easier said than done, however, because the tanks all handle differently, but they reward practice with nimble maneuvering. Eventually you'll be able to whip through tight turns and nail opponents like a regular Judge Sledd.

Empty Tank

Not only does the gameplay seem familiar, but the graphics do as well, which is not a good thing. Although some nifty cinematics precede the action, the main game won't make you rush out and buy a PlayStation. The polygon backgrounds are blocky, and the tanks, though big, are surprisingly lacking in detail. You'd think a next-generation system would produce a next-generation tank game, but Cyber Sled looks like something you could've played on a 16-bit system.

The sounds are also fairly routine. Sure, there are lots of enthusiastic vocals, but they quickly get tiresome. What's more, the music is generic and could've been used for almost any game.

Tanks a Lot

Despite its average graphics, the gameplay is addicting if you're in the mood for some , mindless shooting thrills. For extra intensity, shoot it out in the split-screen two-player game. Tank games will undoubtedly get better, but for now, Cyber Sled is a decent cyber shooter.


  • Don't get caught in open spaces in slow vehicles like the Centaur-2. Instead, hide behind structures and rely on your superior firepower against quicker opponents.
  • Study your opponent's ratings so you'll know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep moving as you fire on an opponent. If you shoot it out "toe-to-toe," you may soon be a charcoal briquette.
  • If you're a speed demon, select Blue Lightning.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Namco is really mining its great library of arcade-games for the PlayStation. Cyber Sled, a rip-roarin' futuristic tank game in the arcades, helps lead a PlayStation charge on home systems.

Cyber Clash

The Cyber Sled armada consists of six sci-fi tanks, each with its own pilot. The tanks hunt each other across a weirdly colored geometric landscape dominated by massive plateaus.

You can drive the war machines from a first-person cockpit view or a behind-the-sled look. The arsenal is pretty basic, consisting of shields, lasers, and homing missiles that you must recharge by finding icons scattered across the battlefield.

You'll get a charge from the sensation of being the hunter - and the hunted; you never know what's lurking around the next corner. The Sleds' excellent controls enable forward and backward movement, and you can spin the turret 360 degrees for widespread wanton destruction. Cyber Sled also supports Namco's new NeoCon controller, which features a unique twisting body that enables you to make quick turns in vehicle games.

Two-player games can be a major gas. The fighting's fast and frenzied as you chase each other in split-screen mode under a time limit. You get your choice of four selectable mazes; each vehicle can travel independently anywhere in each maze.

Better Sled Than Dead

Cyber Sled's a game that's playable in any language. If you're thinking seriously about a PlayStation, this heavy-hitting game could tip the scale.

The cool arcade game is gearing up for battle. CS is set in the future where mercenary pilots hunt each other's tanks (sleds) in gladiator style for glory and profit.

Everything from the hit arcade version has been retained. In fact, Namco has been able to add texture mapping to the various sleds and playing fields for an even more spectacular look. Besides Single-player Mode, there's also a Split-screen, Two-player Mode so you can stalk or be stalked by a friend. What will be next?!

Namco's supporting the PlayStation in a big way, so it's bringing out all the big guns. Cyber Sled, like Ridge Racer, is another direct port of a popular arcade game. This time, however, you aren't drivin' for fun, you're drivin' with a gun!

Cyber Combat

You choose from four heavily armored Sledders in this one-on-one tank shoot-em-up set in a futuristic mazelike arena. Your adversary is controlled either by the CPU or a pal.

Cyber Sled lets you alter your views from first-person to outside-the-vehide perspectives. Either way, you'll have to look closely to find your enemies as they slide in between massive pillars and along raised plateaus. You can chase 'em or ambush 'em.

The Cyber Sled is armed with a basic laser machine gun, but every veteran coin-op commando knows there's only one way to inflirt real damage: homing missiles! You'll find a good supply of these scattered throughout the terrain, but you may find your opponent lying in wait as you move to grab one.

Sled features sleek polygon graphics and a tanklike machine that spins 360 degrees and moves at top speeds backward and forward. Like Ridge Racer, Cyber Sled will support Namco's new PlayStation controller. The controller's twist-o-flex turning action sounds like it's custom-made for this game.

PlayStation Firepower

Cyber Sled will be armed and ready for combat when the PlayStation makes its Japanese debut. But arcade armor warriors predict that the blast-to-the-last action will translate well in any language.

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