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Get ready to take part in one of the most dangerous races in the world with our Dakar Rally games collection. There are more games based on this iconic and famous race than you would think and we have them all in one handy spot! We also have a few games for you that are in the spirit of this awesome race as well. No matter what, if you are a racing game fan, you are going to love the games that we have in this collection. So kick it into high gear and blow past the other racers.

Of course, there is no better place for us to start our Dakar Rally games collection than with the actual Paris Dakar Rally video game. This is a game that did fly under many radars when it was released all the way back in 2001 and it was one of the first big and popular racing games during the PlayStation 2 era. That same year we also had the very popular Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory and to be honest, more people played that if they were looking for a more off-road kind of racing game. Still, we feel that Paris Dakar Rally is a game that is well worth checking out.

While that original game may not have set the sales on fire, there was enough interest in Dakar Rally games for it to get a direct sequel in Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally. This was released in 2003 and it was a pretty big improvement, but it is even more obscure than the first game! By the time 2003 came along, the racing games category was very competitive as in that year alone we had the likes of Need For Speed: Underground, WRC 3, and Midnight Club II just to name a few of the popular racing games that were released in that same year.

One game that we think is a lot of fun and well worthy of being in this Dakar Rally games collection is the very retro Victory Run. This is a fun Turbo Grafx 16 racing game that puts you right in the heat of the famous Paris Dakar Rally. For an older racing game, this is way more challenging than you would think. There were not too many rally games during the 16-bit era, sure we had stuff like Top Gear Rally the following generation, but before the days of polygons, rally games were not all that common so it is awesome to have a game like this for you rally racing fans to check out.

There are a ton of games in the Colin McRae Rally series, but the one we felt had to be given a special mention in our Dakar Rally games collection is Colin McRae Rally 2005 as it goes above and beyond to feature this event. This is such a fan racing game and a great way to honor the amazing legacy of Colin McRae. Of course, if you are a huge fan of this series, we more than have you covered from the original Colin McRae Rally to the last game in the series before EA took over things and rebranded it, Dirt 5.

The Dirt series is not the only modern Dakar Rally games tie-in! We also have the awesome and underrated Dakar Desert Rally which is an absolute blast to play. With challenging, but fun gameplay, this is one rally game that is absolutely packed to the brim with features. It manages to offer both sim and arcade style racing which makes it a game that anyone can have a whole lot of fun with.

That is just a small taste of what this epic collection of games has to offer! If you do love racing games and love this particular event, our Dakar Rally games collection is right here where you need to be. Plus, we will always be adding more games to this as we find those that feature this amazing and deadly race!

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Off-road action is coming to the PlayStation. Similar to Sega Rally at the arcade.

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Racing games seem to be the current rage and everyone is looking for a way to make their game roar ahead of the pack.

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