Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair

a game by Ubisoft
Platform: XBox
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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We've seen our fair share of arcade classics being remade for the latest consoles and unfortunately, many of them have failed to live up to the memories that we had of playing the originals. Mention Dragon's Lair to any of us old gamers and we are immediately thrown back to the early 80's where we hovered around that arcade game for days like it was some futuristic god, pumping in an endless tribute of quarters and tokens. Rightly or wrongly, for a moment in time, Dragon's Lair ruled in the arcades and earned high regard in the gaming world for its originality and innovation.

Dragon's Lair was very much a high tech version of the mouse in the maze, where scientists would 'teach' a mouse how to navigate a maze and secure a piece of cheese through repetition. You had to die many times before you learned the correct pattern and timing required to complete each room and be rewarded with a bit of triumphant music and the honor of being allowed to proceed further into the castle. Perhaps it was a bit silly, but it was great fun at the same time. We have the opportunity to relive some of that fun with the release of Dragon's Lair 3D

Count me among those that loved the original. When I received DL3D, I promptly played for 4 hours straight. The story is basically the same; the dragon has kidnapped Princess Daphne and you, as Dirk, must brave the terrors of the castle to rescue her. The good news is that this game has everything and more of what excited us 20 years ago, but unfortunately, it also has things that frustrated us. Don't get me wrong'I liked this game, but at the same time, parts were extremely frustrating.

One of the frustrations that I had with the original version of the game was how often you had to die just to learn how to beat a level. While the new version is not that picky, there are levels when you just want to scream. Half of the challenge is solving the puzzle of each room and the other half is overcoming the controls themselves. There are times when Dirk moves like he's wading in molasses and trying to time controlled jumps that are sluggish in responding to the controller more often than not results in your death. Don't worry though; you have as many lives as you need to resolve each level.

Overall the game is well done. The fully rendered 3D environments are rich and detailed using cel-shaded graphics to bring to the life the Dragon's Lair world. The addition of new levels and items like a crossbow, magical arrows, potions and treasures will keep even us old timers engaged. So, if you enjoyed Dragon's Lair, than you will love DL3D as it will bring much of the same kind of fun that you remember. But if you hated the original, will find little more to love in the revamped version, save for the beauty of playing an Xbox game at 1080i. Rent this game first unless you were one of the guys next to me pumping quarters into the arcade version.

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